Seamless Unreal & Unity Web3 Wallet Integration

In the constantly advancing world of Web3 development, Magic Media has emerged as a leading expert, playing a critical role in the progress of blockchain gaming. We are armed with a team of specialists who have honed their skills in web3, blockchain wallet integration, and NFT creation. 

A blockchain wallet can be defined as a private storage key that keeps your cryptocurrency safe. They’re essential for providing safe and secure access to your cryptocurrency. Rather than being stored directly on a wallet – which can be a physical USB device, an app, or even written on paper – wallets are private keys that allow you access to your crypto on the blockchain.

Considering how important they are, it’s a priority for us at Magic Media to have wallet integration functionality as part of our in-development blockchain marketplace. This will allow us to create a seamless user experience for blockchain users, regardless of which blockchain networks you use, which we aim to become an integral part of Web3 gaming.

Seamless and Accessible Wallet Integration

One of the main goals for our wallet integration is to make it as accessible as possible for both longtime blockchain users and new ones. Blockchain wallets from different networks can be integrated in-engine, and brand-new ones can be created as well. All of your cryptocurrency and NFTs, regardless of network, will be viewable within the game engine you’re using.

What’s more, your NFTs and cryptocurrency will be intractable. Trades and transactions can be made using our wallet integration for a secure and smooth experience. As a market leader in blockchain gaming, it’s our priority to make our wallet integration, part of our blockchain marketplace, as safe and easy to use as possible for the end user.

Unreal and Unity Support

Unreal Engine and Unity support are key to our wallet integration technology. We’re developing the technology so that it’s adaptable to your needs, and this includes the widely-used Unreal and Unity game engines.

Not only will the wallet integration be usable for these engines, but it will be modifiable to support any type of game you’re developing. It’ll be easier than ever to include the types of digital assets you want – whether that is NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or a combination of both.

Barrier-Free Web3 Gaming

Blockchain and NFTs can be a bewildering topic, especially as it’s a relatively new phenomenon in gaming. By their nature, games using blockchain and NFT technology require extra steps and requirements to get up and running, and with our blockchain marketplace and wallet integration, we aim to make it more accessible for everyone.

With our wallet integration, it’ll be easier than ever for gamers to get involved with Web3 games, regardless of their technical knowledge. Funnelling a wide variety of blockchain networks into a localized space using our wallet integration will make Web3 gaming easier to comprehend, and elevate the Magic Media blockchain marketplace as a whole.

For all your blockchain game development needs, full-cycle development, Unreal Engine, and Unity needs get in contact with us today, and let’s make gaming magic.



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