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Magic Media - TPN Vendor Status
Announcing TPN Vendor Status for Magic Media

LATEST NEWS - December 01, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Magic Media

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Magic Media - What is Real-time VFX
What is Real-Time VFX in Video Games?

VFX - November 28, 2023

Real-time VFX is an incredible visual

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Magic Media - Video Game Art Co-Development
What is Video Game Art Co-Development?

ART - November 21, 2023

An often under appreciated element of video

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Magic Media - Head of tech art & vfx art
Day in the Life: Head of Tech Art & VFX Art

DAY IN THE LIFE - November 16, 2023

Our next stop in the Day in the Life series

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Magic Media - New World 3D Video Game Art
Behind the Magic: New World 3D Video Game Art

ART - November 14, 2023

Magic Media is proud to have had the

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Magic Media - Mobile Game Development
Mobile Game Development at Magic Media

GAME DEVELOPMENT - November 02, 2023

Mobile game development is one of the

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Magic Media - AI Game Development
What is AI Game Development?


AI game development is an umbrella term to

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Magic Media - Full-Cycle Game Development
What is Full-Cycle Game Development?


Full-cycle game development is a holistic

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Magic Media - Game Co-Development
Game Co-Development with Magic Media

CO-DEVELOPMENT - October 24, 2023

Video game co-development is constantly growing

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Magic Media - Art Director
Day in the Life: Art Director

DAY IN THE LIFE - October 19, 2023

Day-To-Day Life of an Art Director

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