Magic Media - New World 3D Video Game Art
Behind the Magic: New World 3D Video Game Art

ART - November 14, 2023

Magic Media is proud to have had the

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Magic Media - Displacement Vortex
Behind the Magic: Displacement Vortex Real-Time VFX

BEHIND THE MAGIC - October 10, 2023

Inspired by the wondrous magic of Hogwarts Legacy

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Magic Media - Gamma 4
Behind the Magic: Gamma 4 Game Trailer

BEHIND THE MAGIC - July 26, 2023

The Magic Media group has enjoyed a fruitful

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Magic Media - Real-Time VFX
Behind the Magic: Medieval Flair Real-Time VFX

BEHIND THE MAGIC - July 10, 2023

When the Magic Media team isn’t working

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Magic Media - Star Trek Resurgence
Behind the Magic: Star Trek Resurgence 3D Art

ART - June 20, 2023

Star Trek Resurgence is a story-driven

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Magic Media - 3D art assets
Behind the Magic: Generation Zero 3D Art Assets

ART - May 16, 2023

We’ve had a strong collaboration with Avalanche St..

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Magic Media - 3D Art
Behind the Magic: Astronaut Wayfarer 3D Art

ART - May 12, 2023

This astronaut character is one of many

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Magic Media - The Oikos Art
Behind the Magic: The Oikos Art

BEHIND THE MAGIC - May 02, 2023

The Oikos boasts a unique visual style that

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Magic Media - Carter
Behind the Magic: Carter VFX

FILM & TV - April 18, 2023

The Magic Media team was excited to

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Magic Media's Road to Success
Behind the Magic: Gamma4 Art and Style

BEHIND THE MAGIC - March 21, 2023

One of our sensational ongoing projects is

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