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Load Testing

Magic Media offers a comprehensive load testing service, ensuring your system is prepared for launch day. This is an integral piece of application preparation, ensuring continued and stable operation. Once load testing is complete, our experts will inform you of where your system is struggling and how best to scale and prepare.

We don’t do guessing at Magic Media. So, you shouldn’t guess at your traffic capacity! Our software development experts understand how to test your system properly.

Load testing is key to continued, stable operation, and our load testing can simulate any number of users you might require. We’ll lay the foundation and prepare solutions bespoke for your system. Once in place, we’ll simulate a user process fully on a variable scale depending on your needs.

We do this by using our proprietary headless load testing solution. Bypassing the hardware needs of machines running actual clients, our cloud-based headless solution can simulate limitless numbers of players. No insane RAM or CPU loads required. These won’t be blank simulations, either. Our scripts ensure they will interact and perform actions in-game just as a normal player would.

In addition, our headless solution can easily be integrated with Unreal, Unity, and any custom networking service in order to simulate gameplay.

Our experts know software and game development inside and out. They work to keep at the top of trends and methods in their field. With studios across the world, we’ll be on hand to deliver only the best results to you.

Our team of innovators and creators will keep pace with the ever-advancing technology world to meet your challenges and deliver beyond your expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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