Magic Media - Creature Animation
Behind The Magic: Creature Animation

ANIMATION - June 15, 2023

Step into the realm of Game of Thrones

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Magic Media - 3D Animation
Choosing 2D or 3D Animation for Your Video Projects

ANIMATION - June 06, 2023

Animation has endless possibilities for its direct..

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Magic Media - Game Animation
The Fundamentals of In-Game Animation

ANIMATION - April 19, 2023

In-game animation is a crucially important

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Magic Media - Game Animation
From Boring to Captivating: How to Create Immersive Game Animations

ANIMATION - March 29, 2023

Game animation is an integral part of

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Day in the life: Animator
Day in the life: Animator

DAY IN THE LIFE - January 12, 2023

Day-to-day life of an Animator

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Magic Media Animation Video Production
The Hidden Details in Animation

ANIMATION - September 19, 2022

The real trick with animation is the

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Magic Media Video production
Our Video Ad Production Process

VIDEO ADS - September 01, 2022

While each project can be wildly different

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The Importance of Game Trailers Magic Media
The Importance of Game Trailers

VIDEO ADS - August 03, 2022

Game trailers are everywhere within the gaming

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Magic Media Project Manager
Day in the Life: Project Manager

DAY IN THE LIFE - June 29, 2022

let’s talk about one of the most

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Magic Media Hibboux
Behind the Magic: Blending 2D and 3D Animation

BEHIND THE MAGIC - June 15, 2022

Have a look at some of Magic Media’s latest work

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