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Magic Media offers full scale co-development services, combining strengths to create strong partnerships and engaging games. Our co-development service allows you to extend your current team with senior members, ensuring you get experts to help pitch in to your final product.

Whether you need senior programmers, expert artists, or seasoned designers, Magic Media has expertise in spades to help you develop your game. With our team on hand to provide a staffing solution, you can be safe in knowing expertise is available without any training or induction. We’re happy to provide the skills and talent you need to create and develop your dream project.

Once we engage in co-development, we’ll cover agreements:

  • MNDA
  • Project specifications
  • Review if needed
  • Share repos
  • Estimate team, costs, calendar
  • Contract and collaboration conditions

Once finished, we’ll move into the production:

  • Initial meetings
  • Tools and methodologies coverage
  • Define milestones
  • Delivery of milestones
  • Monitor of quality
  • Adjust if necessary

We want to make sure that the members/team we provide work best for your project and current staff. We promise an extensive experience in all things gaming, a high level of expertise and efficiency in our fields, and a guarantee of excellence and quality through our full-scale co-development service. Our staff work hard to stay at the top of trends and methodologies. With studios across the world, we’ll have someone on hand to help you to develop the game you want. Our teams are ready and waiting, full of innovators and creators who are always keeping pace with the ongoing tools and methods of work.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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