Building Better Games: Magic Media’s Road To Success

When Magic Media was created, the founders behind it had one goal in mind. To provide and deliver top-quality services and support to the gaming, tech and entertainment industries. The aim was to become a one-stop studio, A-Z service provider for any team or group in need of industry-leading work. Simply put, everything you need in one place.

So, how are we going about this goal? And how is it going so far?

Technology, Innovation, and Trends

If we’re aiming to deliver top quality service, we needed to push boundaries and keep up with the evolving market. Without that, our clients wouldn’t be able to benefit and create the project they want.

Our teams focused on maintaining pace with the market and technological trends. As 3D modeling changed and grew, so did our modeling teams. As NFTs and Blockchain gaming grew in popularity, we ensured that we could deliver on the new front. Thanks to these efforts, our clients could reap the rewards of an informed and prepared team.

We didn’t stop with trends though, we invested in our own proprietary technology. From game security to stability and blockchain integrations, our teams worked hard to create new solutions for our clients’ challenges. From a headless load testing solution to a seamless NFT marketplace integration for Unity and Unreal Engine games, we’re delighted with the progress. With these tools on hand, our clients can guarantee a safe, stable, and seamless experience for their players.

One Port of Call and Experts to Answer

It has been staggering at times looking at the talent, passion, and expertize that the Magic Media group can deploy. Games and entertainment products are truly given life by those behind it and it’s always clear to see a game created by someone who cares. Our initial goal with prototyping and alpha builds is to create a fun experience first and grow from there.

And it’s been an incredible experience gathering talented people together to help in offering that to our clients. We’re honoured to have big industry names join us and help guide the company forward. Names like Kim Lyons, industry art expert and veteran with a breath-taking history in gaming leading as Art Director. And Martin Fabichak, our CTO and tech wizard, always pushing the bar higher and higher for technical excellence and leadership.

With expertize like this on hand, our clients can be assured at only the highest quality results. And ensuring that is a personalised, bespoke experience. With Magic Media, you will have a singular point of contact to ensure constant context and awareness of your project and its needs. We like to take a hands-on approach and get personally involved with each project. Your passion is our passion, and your goal is our goal.

Magic Media in 2023

2023 has started with a bang as we enter full-scale development with multiple incredible projects. Just two of these are our work with the NFT-based brawler, Pixelmon, and the innovative metaverse project, The Oikos with the Hector Network.

Since our inception, we’ve assisted and collaborated with many names in the industry including Ubisoft, BioWare, and Amazon Game Studios. Our team has grown to over one thousand in fourteen countries allowing us to deliver the A-Z service offering that we dreamed off. 

At Magic Media we are veterans of the gaming, tech and entertainment industries, offering comprehensive VFX services for in-game, cinematics, and more, as well as animation and full art services! Our main goal is to provide clients with the highest quality services to help your project reach its full potential. Providing a one-stop solution for any project. We love nothing more than collaborating with creative minds, so drop us a line and let’s talk!


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