Magic Media - Unity Best Engine
Why Unity is the Best Game Engine: Unveiling its Pros and Cons

CO-DEVELOPMENT - May 24, 2023

We delve into the reasons why Unity

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Magic Media - Environmental Concept Art
Unreal Engine 5 – The Future of Virtual Assets

CO-DEVELOPMENT - April 28, 2023

Unreal Engine 5 represents a significant milestone

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Magic Media - AI Gaming
AI in Game Development: Advancements and Hurdles

CO-DEVELOPMENT - April 26, 2023

In the past decade, the integration of

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Magic Media Game Development
Game Development Outsourcing: How Magic Media Delivers Exceptional Results


Outsourcing game development is a strategic busine..

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Space Force
Streamlined & Primed: Co-Development in Games

CO-DEVELOPMENT - March 13, 2023

The evolution of the gaming industry continues

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Magic Media Collaborative Game Development
Collaborative Game Development: The Art and Science of Creating Better Games Together

CO-DEVELOPMENT - February 27, 2023

As game developers, we understand the importance

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Magic Media Effective Co-Development
The Importance of Effective Co-Development in Game Development

CO-DEVELOPMENT - February 15, 2023

Game development is a complex process that

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Day in the Life: Unity Developer

DAY IN THE LIFE - November 14, 2022

A Unity Developer is a specialised developer

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Magic Media - Co-development
Behind the Magic: Generation Zero Co-Development

BEHIND THE MAGIC - November 04, 2022

Generation Zero is an ongoing co-development

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Magic Media Unreal Engine Developer
Day in the Life: Unreal Developer

DAY IN THE LIFE - October 19, 2022

Let’s talk about one of the most

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