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Video Ads

Magic Media offers full service for Video Ads for your games and gaming applications. With our experts on hand, you can maximize your engagement for your products using well-placed and designed ads. Video ads have proven to be have a significant effect on grabbing a user’s attention, especially when compared against traditional text or image ads.

Magic Media can help you build interactive or standard video ads that can generate new and boost current conversion rates and build a healthy revenue for your game.

Our teams have over 10 years of expertize in game and app development, which will allow us to quickly scale up your app marketing strategy, without breaking the bank. Our team can build engaging and compelling ads in any format you need to deliver the brand messages you want.

Why use video ads?

  • Rewarded ads integrate as part of your product
  • Outstream ads have high viewability rate
  • Instream pre-roll ads are great for grabbing your target audiences’ attention
  • Interstitial ads are full screen, working efficiently to grab user attention and tell a full story
  • Banner ads are very standard, they can be placed in a plethora of locations and mean you can reach a large audience.

With our experience and expertize with both gaming and video ads, we will deliver the quality and engagement that you want. Our team are always working to stay at the top of the trends, tools, and methods in both the gaming and advertising industries.

With studios across the world, filled with teams of creators and innovators, we’ll keep pace to help you with your needs. Anywhere in the world, Magic Media teams are prepared to tackle your challenges and provide what you need.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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