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Video Ads

Video ads have proven to have a significant effect on grabbing a user’s attention, especially when compared against traditional text or image ads. Magic Media can help you build ads that can generate new, and boost current, conversion rates. 

Our teams focus on creating a compelling narrative and getting the most out of the creative process. Too often, video ads are viewed exclusively as a technical process. Our team can build engaging and compelling ads in any format you need to deliver the brand messages you want. And they’ll do it while creating ads that leave the viewer wanting more. Check out our video ads portfolio to see our work in action.


Brand Video Ads

These ads focus on pushing your brand. They include: 

  • Conference videos
  • Employer branding video ads
  • Internal video ads
  • Brand-awareness ads – high-level, displaying the tone and voice of your brand

These ads work to promote and reinforce your brand. Whether that be a stance or the appearance of the brand to potential clients, they push for a recognizable brand identity. 

Product Video Ads

These video ads cover advertising a specific product or line or products. They include:  

  • App store video ads 
  • CRM video ads 
  • In-app video ads 
  • Game trailers

These shift the focus away from a brand and more toward highlight the product or service you’re promoting.  

Marketing Video Ads

These video ads entirely focus on generating growth and attention to the brand. They include: 

While these are similar to product video ads, they are focused specifically on drawing in new clients and increasing the awareness of your product and brand. 

With our experience with both gaming and video ads, we will deliver the quality engagement that you want. Our team are always working to stay at the top of the trends, tools, and methods in both the gaming and advertising industries. Over the course of a proven workflow, we will generate iterations of a video ad to find what works best for you. 

With studios across the world, filled with teams of creators and innovators, we’ll keep pace to help you with your needs. Anywhere in the world, Magic Media teams are prepared to tackle your challenges and provide what you need. 

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

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