Magic Media - Web3 Development
Unlocking the Potential of Web3 Development

BLOCKCHAIN - July 03, 2023

Web3 development has emerged as a groundbreaking p..

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Epic Games - Crypto Gaming
Epic Games Expands Crypto Gaming Offering

BLOCKCHAIN - June 07, 2023

In a recent interview, an Epic Games executive

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Magic Media - Pixelmon
Creating Magic: Pixelmon


The Pixelmon name might be familiar to those

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Magic Media's Road to Success
Behind the Magic: Gamma4 Art and Style

BEHIND THE MAGIC - March 21, 2023

One of our sensational ongoing projects is

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Magic Media Blockchain gaming
Developing a Blockchain Marketplace

BLOCKCHAIN - September 15, 2022

At Magic Media, we like to lead

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Magic Media Blockchain art
Seamless Blockchain Gaming with Magic Media

NFT - August 17, 2022

The Magic Media team is made up of

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