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Game Animation

Magic Media offers full 2D and 3D services for all your game animation outsourcing needs. With an expansive group of professionals and industry leading experts, our team provides excellent quality and speedy delivery.

2D Game Animation Outsourcing Services:

Magic Media’s 2D game animators are engaging storytellers who can clearly communicate your narrative through movement and its intention.

A customized 2D game animation has become a revolutionary way to achieve great branding. Animation has a way of capturing the attention of viewers which helps in reaching your targeted users more effectively. Magic Media delivers a wide range of 2D animation services to all industries. Our experienced 2D game animators breathe life into your characters and objects by giving them freedom of movement.

  • 2D Environment Animation
  • 2D Props Animation
  • 2D Character Animation

3D Game Animation Outsourcing Services:

Our team at Magic Media provides high-end 3D game animation for any and all needs. Start to finish, we’ll deliver quality with storyboarding, rigging, texturing, modelling, laying out, blocking, and final compositing all done by our experienced team. Magic Media’s 3D game animators will bring your project to life by integrating into the style that best suits your world.

Magic Media strives to produce high quality, clever, entertaining, and engaging animated videos for all our clients. Our skilled 3D teams will create any models you need and breathe life into it.

  • 3D Environment Animation
  • 3D Props Animation
  • 3D Character Animation

At Magic Media, we specialize in efficient turn-around times, with extremely low overheads. Our teams have produced more than 100 games in the market, with over 100 million downloads and counting. We are all about agility, bringing ease to our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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