Magic Media Mobile Games, two futuristic characters stand in a stone hallway. The left figure is an orange and black armored robot with glowing green lights and a multi-barreled weapon.
Exploring New Frontiers in Mobile Games

MOBILE - May 16, 2024

The mobile gaming industry is changing

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Magic Media, Integration, Porting, and Mobile Game Development, Epic Games Arrives on Mobile
Integration, Porting, and Mobile Game Development: Epic Games Arrives on Mobile

MOBILE - May 02, 2024

With the Epic Games Store coming to mobile

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Magic Media Mobile Game Development, a vibrant 2D art scene from a lively coastal village in a mobile game, featuring stylized architecture, lush foliage, and a friendly dragon-like creature, illustrating the charming art style and creative environment design.
Developing Mobile Games for Android and iOS

GAME DEVELOPMENT - February 22, 2024

Android game development and iOS game development

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Working with Magic Media, a vibrant display of 2D concept art with varied game characters, highlighting the range of Magic Media's design expertize.
What is it Like Working with Magic Media?

ANIMATION - February 01, 2024

At Magic Media, we prioritize delivering industry

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Magic Media The Goombles, full-cycle game development, a charming pink cube character smiling and sitting atop a colorful playground structure, set against a backdrop of a whimsical game world, showcasing vibrant graphics and playful design.
Full-Cycle Game Development on The Goombles


The Magic Media team was delighted to

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Magic Media mobile game development, a playful and colorful 3D scene with quirky characters and creatures in a bright, cartoon-style environment, exemplifying the creative art design for mobile gaming.
Mobile Game Development at Magic Media

GAME DEVELOPMENT - November 02, 2023

Mobile game development is one of the

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Magic Media game co-development, a corridor within a futuristic spaceship, rendered with high-detail and clean metallic textures, highlighting advanced 3D modeling and environmental design.
Game Co-Development with Magic Media

CO-DEVELOPMENT - October 24, 2023

Video game co-development is constantly growing

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Magic Media Mobile Studio
Introducing Magic Media Mobile Studio

LATEST NEWS - April 12, 2023

Magic Media is proud to announce the

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Magic Media Video production
Our Video Ad Production Process

VIDEO ADS - September 01, 2022

While each project can be wildly different

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Co-Development Magic Media Railway Empire
When to Outsource Co-Development

CO-DEVELOPMENT - July 08, 2022

Outsourcing can be an excellent way to

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