The Future of Blockchain Gaming with Flavian Defraire

In one of our recent blockchain gaming podcast episodes, our stellar host, Padraig, spoke with the Director of Global Development for the Blockchain Game Alliance, Flavian Defraire! The goal of the podcast is to look into the fascinating world of gaming using the power of blockchain technology. Discussing this with someone like Flavian meant a first-hand look into the true potential of what’s ahead in blockchain gaming. In this piece, we’ll touch on just a few of the key points mentioned. For the full story, listen here!

But first up, Padraig discussed the evolving potential with tokens. We know what FTs are, fungible tokens. “These are divisible, and each token is identical in value.” NFTs as well are known! Non-fungible tokens are unique with a bespoke digital signature. This creates scarcity and each token generates its own value based on its circumstances. New on the scene, SFTs or semi-fungible tokens. These are effectively a bridge between FTs and NFTs. “They are fungible until spent, like spending money on a gift card. Once the gift card is spent, it holds no value.” And thanks to their nature as SFTs, they can be processed in large numbers without needing the individual time and cost of processing NFTs. Magic Media are taking the lead in pioneering NFT game development. We offer industry leading gaming solutions to deliver and develop your NFT enabled game to the world. 

Tokens are not better or worse than any other, it’s just up to the developer to recognize their needs and which suits them best for any given case.

Blockchain Game Alliance

“The BGA is a non-profit organization that advocates for blockchain technology in games.”

Magic Media are delighted to stand as a gold member of the alliance in contributing towards and creating magic games.

The BGA came together in 2018 with entrepreneurs coming together as peers, understanding that blockchain could change gaming. It was created with a need for collaboration, sharing ideas, and growing the world of blockchain gaming.

The Mission of the Blockchain Game Alliance

Flavian says the organization is committed to “promoting blockchain and spreading awareness”. Therefore, its mission falls under two statements.

1. Provide networking opportunities. Welcome everyone to share, collaborate, and create together. 

“This helps the industry to establish best practices for the future and put these talented folks in the same room with each other.”

2. Create visibility, increase awareness, and educate.

“2023 is still early days for blockchain. For it to grow and be accepted, we need it to be more visible and more understood.”

How does the BGA differentiate itself from other communities?

The main goal is just to help expand blockchain, help it grow and foster new entertainment in the gaming industry.

Some communities are focused on specific avenues, so Flavian says, “the main difference for the BGA is agnosticism”. They don’t point fingers at who’s best or which chain works better. The goal is to just map the ecosystem of blockchain technology based on the existing members of the BGA.

The most common challenges faced by the BGA?

Flavian laughs, “there’s a lot!”

He admits that the main ongoing challenge is legitimacy in the space. For both blockchain gaming itself and for the smaller members of the group, “who don’t have the resources to step up and prove themselves.” That’s where the BGA comes in, “we give visibility for their work and the actions they’re taking.”

The most common challenge faced, according to a BGA member survey, is “onboarding players and making Web3 games accessible”.

Key Considerations for Blockchain Technology

Flavian says there are four main considerations for anyone when looking at building on blockchain and into blockchain gaming.

  1. “Scalability. The ability to handle high volumes of traffic in real time. Especially important for games as we’re looking at millions of players at any time.”
  2. “Security. Strong security architecture, resistant to attacks.”
  3. “Interoperability. This assist in growth and further helps the player. Great for smart contracts, too.”
  4. “Community Support. Developers should capitalize on a chain when there’s good, consistent community support.”

This is only a taste of the incredible information and discussion found on the latest Magic Media Blockchain Gaming Podcast episode. Check it out today and listen to pioneers and leading individuals in the world of blockchain gaming. For all your blockchain game development needs, get in contact with us today, and let’s create magic!


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