Magic Media mobile game porting, Artwork of a room with red tendrils and a portal, hinting at supernatural occurrences amid scientific chaos.
Technical Aspects of Mobile Game Porting

GAME PORTING - April 24, 2024

Mobile game porting projects require comprehensive..

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Magic Media - Game Porting, a grand neoclassical-style building resembling a capitol or courthouse with a large dome and columns.
Differences in Remaking, Remastering, and Game Porting

GAME PORTING - April 09, 2024

Game remakes, game porting, and game remasters are

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Magic Media game porting, featuring an intricate scene depicting a monstrous alien infestation within a high-tech space station corridor
What is Game Porting?

GAME DEVELOPMENT - March 07, 2024

Game porting refers to adapting an existing

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Working with Magic Media, a vibrant display of 2D concept art with varied game characters, highlighting the range of Magic Media's design expertize.
What is it Like Working with Magic Media?

ANIMATION - February 01, 2024

At Magic Media, we prioritize delivering industry

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Magic Media Game Porting, a rugged 3D model of a dirt bike with a weathered yellow and black body, showcasing detailed textures and realistic design, exemplifying quality 3D art in game asset creation.
An Insight into the Crucial Role of Quality Assurance in Game Porting

GAME PORTING - October 17, 2023

In the burgeoning world of gaming,

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Magic Media presents a dynamic team of video game characters with diverse outfits and weaponry, ready for action.
Navigating the Future: Unveiling the Top Game Development Trends of 2023

CO-DEVELOPMENT - September 26, 2023

In the transformative world of game development

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Magic Media's dynamic character design for game ports, featuring a warrior with vibrant pink hair and silver armor, wielding a curved sword, poised for battle in a sunlit medieval courtyard.
Better Game Ports on macOS with Appleā€™s Game Porting Toolkit

GAME PORTING - July 18, 2023

Game porting has become an integral part of

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Magic Media 2D art depicting a futuristic soldier gazing into an eerie, glowing forest with a mysterious, spiraling pattern in the distance, suggestive of alien or mystical phenomena.
Reviving Video Games: Exploring Remasters, Remakes, Reboots, and Ports


Video games have come a long way

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Magic Media Game Porting, a stern-looking character with bold red eyeshadow, piercings, and a futuristic hairstyle, hinting at the edgy and immersive art style characteristic of their cross-platform game adaptations.
Top 5 Game Porting Considerations for a Successful Project

GAME PORTING - April 04, 2023

A successful video game development company must

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Best Practices for Game Porting
Best Practices for Game Porting

GAME PORTING - March 17, 2023

Game porting is a complex process that requires

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