Magic Media - Gamescom 2023
Magic Media at Gamescom 2023

EVENTS - August 29, 2023

Magic Media Pocket Gamer Connects Conference
The Pocket Gamer Connects Conference in Toronto

EVENTS - July 27, 2023

We had a blast attending the highly anticipated

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Magic Media - Develop:Brighton
Magic Media at Develop:Brighton 2023

EVENTS - July 24, 2023

We were absolutely delighted to attend the

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Magic Media - BIG Festival
Magic Media at BIG Festival 2023

EVENTS - July 11, 2023

The BIG festival showcased the immense talent

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Magic Media - Nordic Games
Magic Media at Nordic Games 2023

EVENTS - June 05, 2023

The Magic Media team were delighted to attend

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Magic Media USF Gaming Fair Event
Magic Media at USF Gaming Fair 2023

LATEST NEWS - April 25, 2023

It was a pleasure to attend the USF

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Magic Media at Paris Blockchain Week
Magic Media at Paris Blockchain Week 2023

LATEST NEWS - April 01, 2023

We had an incredible time attending the

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Magic Media - GDC
Magic Media at GDC 2023

LATEST NEWS - March 27, 2023

Magic Media had a great time at

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PGC Event
Magic Media at PGC London 2023

LATEST NEWS - January 26, 2023

We had an absolute blast attending the

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Magic Media at XDS Event
Magic Media at XDS

LATEST NEWS - September 09, 2022

Magic Media attended XDS in Vancouver, Canada

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