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Game Porting

At Magic Media, we offer full game porting services from consoles to mobile and even smart TV apps. In any direction you need, our expert teams will port your existing app over to its new platform using industry leading technologies implementing the Unreal and Unity engines.

We look to game porting to help open up the world of gaming to players. With game porting, new areas of play become available and games that need room to breathe can do so. Our expert developers will port your game to any platform you desire.

We want to help indie developers match the swings of the big hitters, to save themselves time, money, and stress on porting their games to where they need to be. With communication on every step, you can trust us to deliver your lovingly crafted experience onto the platforms you want.

We offer game porting from PC to Consoles and vice versa, as well as Mobile to PC and vice versa.

Our teams will be on hand to cover all aspects of the game porting, including:

  • Content optimization
  • Memory management optimization
  • Controls optimization
  • Custom feature additions
  • Digital distribution

With game porting taken care of, you can focus your team on the core business that matters. Don’t waste development and management time on pushing your game to the platforms you want. As experts in outsourcing and game porting, we’ll take care of your project and deliver to where you need it to be. All throughout, our teams will keep in contact – ensuring you can have peace of mind while focusing on the core tasks.

You can trust us to deliver, we work hard to stay on top of the modern trends and methods. And we have studios across the world, full of teams of creators and innovators who will work with you to guarantee your problems are tackled.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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