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Magic Media offers industry leading solutions using Unreal Engine 4. With our team of experts, we will deliver results utilizing the full power and potential of the engine and what it can offer a project.

Using Unreal Engine, we leverage its greatest strengths for our clients. The ability to create photorealistic graphics, cinema-level lighting, and real-time HD rendering offer an incredible grade of realistic and detailed solutions. In addition, the engine can be deployed onto a wide variety of platforms and often at reduced costs.

Magic Media offer an array of services using Unreal Engine:

  • Desktop solutions
  • Mobile & AR development
  • VR solutions
  • Web-based solutions
  • Porting to UE4

Our experts are on hand to deliver the amazing things that UE4 can provide such as:

  • Simulations (for training or safety procedures)
  • 3D visualisation and digital twins
  • Enterprise VR/AR solutions
  • Game development solutions
  • And more

With our expertize and comprehensive experience across a plethora of projects, our team is ready to build your dream project. We work consistently to stay at the top of trends and operational methods. With studios across the world, we’re on hand and always prepared to tackle your challenges and provide to your needs.

If you’d to learn about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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