The Pocket Gamer Connects Conference in Toronto

We had a blast attending the highly anticipated Pocket Gamer Connects gaming conference on July 19th – 20th, 2023, in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. We were thrilled to participate in this extraordinary event that brought together the finest minds in game development, animation, audio, market trends, investments, and everything beyond games. With a fantastic debut back in 2022, it was invigorating to see them blow it out of the park again this year for the gaming industry! 

ABOUT Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s thriving hub for interactive digital media and game development, where the animation industry, content creation, production, and post-production intersect. This bustling city fosters innovation and immersive content creation, driven by cutting-edge research and development. Moreover, Toronto is rapidly gaining global recognition as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and extended reality (XR) innovations.

At the Pocket Gamer Connects conference, we explored all these exciting topics, along with essential insights into raising investment, launching and growing successful games, and the tools and services that support them. With over 20 hours of content from 80+ expert speakers across 15 tracks, the conference inspired and informed all attendees, offering quick-fire sessions designed to pack as much valuable content as possible. It’s not also just Toronto this event takes place, stay up to date where else this resourceful event wanders around the globe.

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