How Brand Videos are Integral to Marketing Campaigns

Brand videos are an indispensable aspect of modern marketing campaigns. In the current digital age of advertising and widespread online presence, it’s more important than ever to make your brand stand out as much as possible and relate to potential customers. You can impart information about your organization through video content and convince viewers you’re worthy of their attention and business.

Through the Magic Media team’s experience, we understand that while product and performance videos are essential for user acquisition and lead generation, brand video content is the best for communicating your brand’s identity. Though there is no single way to craft them, brand videos are unquestionably important for modern marketing campaigns.

Establishing Brand Identity

Brand videos aim to highlight the individual qualities and beliefs of a brand. Through video production, a brand’s core values and mission statement can be effectively communicated through the use of storytelling tools. The video’s narrative, people, use of color, plot, and more are gateways to communicating critical information about the brand, regardless of what the core values and messaging are.

It’s crucial to communicate these aspects at a high level so that anyone can watch the video and understand more about the brand and relate to it. Doing so helps a brand exude a sense of authenticity that possible customers will associate with it. This is an especially important practice for newer brands or those looking to expand their online presence. Many industries and markets are crowded with notable names, so clear, relatable communication is helpful to stand out from the rest.

Brand Videos Help SEO

Another benefit of brand video content as part of marketing campaigns is that it can be highly beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). Google is arguably the biggest platform for SEO concerns, and it has an algorithm that highly favors multimedia content, especially video. Using video content will help your brand climb the search results naturally and help increase traffic to your website.

The benefits of using brand videos, in this sense, are multifaceted. Using them as a core component of your marketing strategy not only helps viewers understand your brand more from the video content itself, but it also actively increases your discoverability at the same time by positively influencing your SEO rankings.

Differentiating from the Competition

Brand videos are a surefire way to help stand out from the competition in crowded marketplaces. Explainers, product, performance, and other marketing video types help in key areas of user acquisition and engagement and help drive website traffic, but brand videos are critical to setting the brand apart. Through Magic Media’s video production experience we’ve found that creating memorable brand video content that includes messaging, visuals, and values linked to the brand, it can be distinguished in the minds of possible customers.

Creating memorable enough video content can help viewers recall your brand when they’re looking to address their needs for the products or services your organization provides. Video content tends to be more inherently memorable than text, so positioning your brand through video tends to be more effective. Publishing brand videos on a variety of platforms, including the main social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, helps cultivate a larger online presence and a consistent widespread message. The repetition of the messaging contained within your brand videos across these platforms makes it stand out even further and linger in the minds of the widest audience possible.

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