Behind the Magic: Gamma 4 Game Trailer

The Magic Media group has enjoyed a fruitful working relationship with our clients as we’ve delivered several services for Gamma 4, a turn-based NFT card strategy game. We provided game development services for Gamma 4 to develop its card-battling gameplay and the genetic engineering mechanic, which allows players to combine different species to create distinct cards and characters.

Further to our game development work on Gamma 4, our animation specialists worked diligently to produce a captivating game trailer for Gamma 4. It was a challenge to distill the game’s themes and visuals into a satisfying teaser that didn’t reveal too much about the game, but our team’s talent and experience saw them prevail.

Gamma 4 Game Trailer’s Atmosphere

Our main objective was to create a teaser that gave away enough information about Gamma 4, its world, and its atmosphere, without being so revealing as to spoil the experience for gamers out there. It briefly implies information about the game and its world, while remaining mysterious. This trailer presents an apocalyptic world, one whose society is broken apart, a tone reinforced by the background debris, smoke, and dark color palette.

The spotlighted character in the trailer remains a bright focal point amidst a dark world. We used a slightly more varied and brighter palette to bring this character to life, which suggests an element of hope in an otherwise bleak world. It delivers visual information about the character and the circumstances they find themselves in without overtly telling the audience exactly what’s happening.

Process of Creating Gamma 4’s Teaser Trailer

As with all our animation projects, we began with an animatic, an animated storyboard that helps guide our game trailer production process. The illustrations, as seen in the opening few seconds of the game trailer, begin life as sketches. Each sketch can take hours to complete, depending on its complexity and level of detail. Introducing further details is time-consuming, with each part taking hours to complete. Adding color, light, shadows, and line art takes hours each. In total, it could take between two and four days to complete a single illustration.

Like the illustration stage, depending on their complexity, the animated scenes could take one or two days to complete. As seen in the latter part of the Gamma 4 game trailer, you’ll notice some elements such as the debris and background moving subtly. This was achieved using a parallax technique, where different visual elements move at different speeds relative to the camera. We used Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to bring this apocalyptic scene to evocative life.

End Result

Our overall aim with this game trailer was to create a cinematic experience. The static shots in combination with the parallax effect, camera angle, and use of sound and rhythm all worked in conjunction to create vivid, dynamic scenes. We couldn’t be happier with how this game trailer was realized, and how it stirs curiosity in the viewer, encouraging them to learn more about Gamma 4.

Watch the Gamma 4 Game Trailer.

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