Magic Media Gold Members of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

As the interest and popularity of blockchain grows, so too do its uses and integrations with existing products. The Magic Media group have been hard at work growing the available services for all things blockchain. From cybersecurity to gaming, the opportunities are endless. 

And, as a result, we’re delighted to say that we’ve taken an extra step in supporting the world of blockchain. As of today, Magic Media is now a gold member of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance! It’s a fantastic day as we join names like Ubisoft and AMD in supporting the potential of blockchain gaming.

Blockchain Gaming Alliance

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance or BGA is an organization that is committed to promoting blockchain within the gaming industry.

Their goal lines up with ours, in spreading awareness about blockchain technologies and encouraging its adoption. This is done by highlighting the potential of blockchain and how it can foster new ways to publish, play, and build strong communities around games.

The BGA also offers an open forum for both individuals and companies to contribute their knowledge. With the spreading of expertize and experience, they are aiming to create common standards, establish best practices, and increase the reach of the blockchain network.

Magic Media and BGA

So, what does this mean for Magic Media, its group, and those involved with it? This step is simply one towards a smoother and more integrated future for blockchain gaming. We look forward to the opportunities ahead in the areas of events, podcasts, videos and other exciting community content

We’re absolutely thrilled to be involved and to offer our support to the BGA alongside its other remarkable members. 

If you’re considering blockchain gaming as your next project, why not get in touch? You can see our blockchain and metaverse service offerings here, alongside our full-cycle development and more.


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