Epic Games Expands Crypto Gaming Offering

In a recent interview, an Epic Games executive mentioned an intention to expand the crypto gaming offering on the Epic Games store. With 5 crypto games already on the marketplace, there is a plan for at least 20 more to be brought onto the store. Though none will be published or developed by Epic, this does indicate at least a growing potential for crypto gaming despite mixed reception.

Crypto Gaming Today

While still quite limited and tricky to get involved in, crypto based gaming projects are out there and surviving. From the Web3 game developers at Mythic Games, Blankos Block Party was Epic’s first blockchain game and it’s alive and well on the Epic Games Store. A blockchain based free-to-play multiplayer party game, Epic games is not releasing usage stats but reports that it’s “pretty well-played”.

While popular in niche circles, the new and growing industry of crypto and NFT gaming is certainly viewed with some degree of suspicion from traditional gaming elements.

Magic Media and Crypto Gaming

The market is new, evolving, and expanding. While our team understands the misgivings of our industry peers, we are prepared to assist and support those looking for new avenues of gaming. We believe that, if utilized and integrated correctly, there could be a place for blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world of gaming. Just as VR is an optional and unique opportunity for players, we think that blockchain gaming has a spot to fill as well. 

For those interested in the world of crypto gaming, blockchain gaming, NFT gaming, or metaverse gaming, Magic Media has services ready for your projects. We want to ensure that those seeking to experiment and see what a new technology has to offer the industry can do so supported by an established network of developers and creators. Currently, Magic Media can support projects that aim to implement or build on top of blockchain, metaverse, or NFT elements. Our goal is to expand and perfect our offerings of these services, allowing those interested to dive into and leverage its potential from the get go.

At Magic Media we are veterans of the film, tv, gaming and entertainment industries, offering comprehensive VFX services for in-game, cinematics, and more, as well as animation and full art services! Our main goal is to provide a one-stop solution for any project. We love nothing more than collaborating with creative minds, so drop us a line and let’s talk!


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