Behind the Magic: 4-Armed Warrior 3D Art

Magic Media’s expertise in 3D art covers the full breadth of early-stage artistic requirements. Our specialist teams are perpetually ready, armed with a blend of creativity and technical prowess, to collaborate with you and your art team in meeting your 3D game concept art needs.

3D Art

You might recognise this intimidating and powerful looking figure from some earlier 2D art. From concept art to 3D model, this shamanic warrior was brought into the 3D world with care and attention. Now, fully rendered, he’s lost none of his lustre or ferocity. Translating a character seamlessly between 2D and 3D is precisely the high-quality results that we offer with our art services

Let’s look at how that happened, with the right tools, skill set, and communication between the artists involved.

It might seem straight-forward to deliver such a result. Simply take your 2D art and give it to a 3D artist. But we’ve touched on this process before in the article on the 3D Space Command Art. And in the same way, the original piece must serve as a guideline and inspiration. The jump in complexity and perspective to a 3D model means you cannot transfer the 2D art in a one-to-one process. In a 3D environment, there had to be considerations in what story was being told and for the integral elements that are to be imported.

4-Armed Warrior 2D Art

In a 2D to 3D process for characters, proportions have to be reconsidered. A 2D character is viewed from a certain angle and the art serves that medium. For 3D, the character must be realistically proportioned. So, artists have to make adjustments to reach the desired look. If you’d like to see other examples of our character work, check out our 2D and 3D art portfolio.

4-Armed Warrior 2D Art

While creating this model, our artists used Zbrush to sculpt the model and 3ds Max for modeling, creating the game mesh, and UVs. Then it was on to Substance Painter for texturing and baking before being delivered to Marmoset for the final presentation. As we mentioned, in proportion and perspective, considerations have to be made. And after all, characters are the cornerstone of player engagement and immersion. This cannot be where we cut corners.

So, using the 2D art as a guideline and reference rather than a literal guide, we aimed to deliver a shamanic, four-armed warrior that looked and felt realistic rather than a clear creation in our imagination. Key in achieving this quality is a talented team of artists, using a modern and evolving toolset, and maintaining a strong base of communication. These allow our teams to innovate together, push boundaries and refuse to stagnate, and do so while losing none of what made this character unique and interesting.

If you’re looking for AAA-quality 2D or 3D art, animation for your projects, get in touch with us today. We’ll deliver your medieval monsters, modern mercenaries, and futuristic armed assailants beautifully rendered and brought to life for your dream title.



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