Behind the Magic: The Oikos Art

It was a pleasure for the Magic Media team to provide art services for The Oikos, an ambitious metaverse project that unites gaming, social networking, and business on one platform. The Oikos boasts a unique visual style that the Magic Media team is proud to have devised.

Creating a truly distinctive aesthetic was a challenging task, but thanks to the team’s experience and passion for game art production, we were more than up to the challenge. We knew what we wanted to achieve, and after spending ample time with our various influences, we were able to exact our vision.

Influences of The Oikos

The Oikos blends sci-fi, solar-punk inspiration and Greek mythological influences to create a one-of-a-kind futuristic take on the visual motifs of Ancient Greece. Originally, the platform was going to use a different visual style but after spending some time with one of the game’s primary locations, Atlantis City, the decision was made to marry sci-fi and Greek influences.

When it came to investigating the sci-fi influences we could leverage, we didn’t strictly have an idea of what we wanted to draw from, but we knew what we wanted to avoid. The industrial sci-fi setting of the Gears of War franchise wouldn’t fit with what we had in mind, nor did the retro futuristic stylings of Star Wars. Instead, we chose to research real-life locations like the Tianjin Binhai Library of northeast China, and the incredible Singapore Changi Airport.

For executing work using these inspiring locations, we looked at the work of illustrators like Walter Everett, J.C. Leyendecker, and Sergey Kolesov, and parametric architecture and non-functional design.

Unique Vision for the Future

In the lore of The Oikos, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented period of prosperity due to significant technological breakthroughs and the grace of the gods themselves. The technology used in the world of The Oikos is affected by magic and unlike anything found in the real world, so we wanted to avoid existing examples of technology like solar panels.

To create our vision for the future in The Oikos, we studied nature and urbanism. This is similar to the acclaimed series The Last of Us but where in those games nature is reclaiming the man-made world, the natural and urban worlds co-exist in harmony. Using this design philosophy in combination with our sci-fi and Ancient Greek influences led to stunning visual features, such as magical holograms based on amphorae patterns, the art found on Greek jars.

Magic Media - The Oikos

An Utopian Atmosphere

We strived for The Oikos to look futuristic and fanciful simultaneously to reflect the utopian civilization found in Atlantis City. To achieve this, we spent significant time researching art history to understand how utopians have been reflected throughout history. We wanted The Oikos’ world to appear as though it’s been affected by a divine presence to reflect the game’s mythology.

The distinct visual identity of The Oikos’ utopia was achieved through a combination of tech and nature. The tech-based characteristics of The Oikos predominantly use desaturated and colder colors, which are wonderfully juxtaposed with the vibrancy of the natural features. This enabled us to play with the contrast between these two major visual elements and bring the environments to life.

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