Seamless Blockchain Gaming with Magic Media

The Magic Media team is made up of industry leaders, passionate staff, and the drive to pioneer a better gaming world. With the growing popularity and interest in blockchain gaming, we dove straight in. And since then, we’re actively involved in dozens of gaming titles. Our teams set about learning about the blockchain networks, cryptocurrency, tokenomics, and more, all in an effort to understand the blockchain gaming world and delivering a higher quality blockchain gaming experience.

As the number one blockchain developer in the market today, we could see where it needed to grow. There are places that the blockchain and cryptocurrency struggle in the gaming sphere. And we aimed to break those barriers down. And the first step is making the blockchain gaming experience more seamless.

Your Blockchain Gaming Wallet

Regardless of the level of cryptocurrency investment in a game or how active a part it plays, blockchain games must have the capacity to connect to your blockchain wallet. This is where all of your cryptocurrency is stored. If there’s a marketplace, the blockchain wallet is essential. Without it, the main driving force of blockchain gaming is effectively useless.

For the most part, blockchain games work on some manner of web platform. And through those platforms, there is some integration of the blockchain wallet. For WebGL, there’s direct wallet integration. If you’re running a launcher, you might see that connection established through Chromium.

The issue is that there are bigger, better, and stronger game development engines and platforms out there. We love to develop on Unity, it’s the leading game development engine on the market. And for good reason!

So, we decided to create a plugin and library for crypto wallets on Unity. No more separate integrations, no more opening new windows via the launcher to proceed with a transaction!

Seamless Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is receiving a lot of pushback, particularly due to the lack of user friendly features. There are plenty of savvy blockchain and crypto users out there getting into the blockchain gaming world but those outside of the world are finding it difficult to get in.

This is where a seamless, integrated wallet comes in. It is a seamless user experience. No need to install metamask and get your wallet up and running with the new Unity blockchain game. Instead, Unity will take care of it all. Just one connection and it’s up and running.

It’s not just a better user experience but it’s also a more secure one! With a direct wallet integration, it means the constant blockchain verification is ever present. Which means a more secure experience and more peace of mind regarding your cryptocurrency and blockchain wallet. And that all adds up to a more seamless and better user experience.

What’s Next?

Currently, we’re working on a number of features for the plugin. Such as integrating more transaction types, importing your NFTs from the blockchain, and the process of verifying transactions via your wallet.

As we get more to grips with the growing industry and we discover more aspects in need on improvement, we’ll be there. Our teams love a challenge and the world of blockchain gaming is a new frontier unlike any other.

If you’re interested in developing a blockchain game or would like to collaborate with our team for a development project, get in touch! We’re always ready for the next project.



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