Announcing Magic Media’s XDS Spark Partnership

Magic Media has signed on to become a partner for the new XDS Spark platform and its new monthly newsletter series. XDS Spark is a brand-new platform whose goal is to connect clients with expert service providers across a range of disciplines in creative industries.

This new platform aims to help businesses to reach their goals and attain growth. As a marketplace, XDS Spark is set to be always on and ready to facilitate collaborations between top-tier service providers and the businesses that need them. With more and more details set to be released about XDS Spark, there’s never been a better time to be a part of creative industries and be in a position to offer expert services like Magic Media does.

As an experienced services provider for gaming, entertainment, and tech projects, XDS Spark is an exciting development for us here at Magic Media. Our mission statement has always been to support our client’s vision, whether that is through our full-cycle game development services, co-developing game projects with our clients, second-to-none VFX for television and film, or any of the other dozens of expert services we provide. We’re proud to be a partner of XDS Spark, and we’re excited to see its positive effect on the industry!

Magic Media is an experienced services provider for the gaming, entertainment, and tech industries. As part of our extensive offerings, we provide full-cycle game development services, real-time VFX, game trailers, and much more. To find out how we can help bring your vision to life, get in contact, and let’s create magic!


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