Magic Media & High-Quality Art Production

Whether you’re in need of full-scale high-quality art production or just need some support in individual areas, look no further than the Magic Media art production team. Game art production is an integral stage of your game’s creation. A consistent and high-level visual style will grab your players attention and ignite their curiosity and imaginations.

Our team of game artists work to keep ahead of game art trends and maintain a strong competency in the contemporary game art tools and methodologies. No matter your need in the realm of game art, whether it be concept art, 2D art, 3D art, environmental art, character art, and more, our game artists will deliver narratively invested and integrated art services.

Art Production Services

Our team is made up of over one thousand game art, game developers, producers, creators, and innovators. When it comes to art, our game artists are invested in every stage of the art development for the projects they are involved in. Game art stands out when it is made with the game’s narrative and context in mind. Our game artists, throughout our art production service, keep that in mind and work towards a cohesive visual style for your game.

Our art production services include:

Our expert game artists will work with you and your team throughout the entire game art production cycle. From concept to creation, our artists will be on hand to consult, adapt, and iterate on their work to ensure your vision is fulfilled.

Characters, Atmosphere, and Setting

Our game artists truly understand the necessity for a cohesive and story-based approach to creating art. Every element of a game’s art design and art production comes down to its final delivery and the player experience. Game art is an invaluable tool for environmental storytelling, setting the tone and atmosphere, and for utilizing characters’ visual style as a vessel for storytelling. We strive to deliver a visual style, world, and cast of characters that reflect your world and tell your game’s story before a word is spoken. 

Art Production and Collaboration

As game outsourcing specialists, with experience working on projects such as Generation Zero, we understand the absolute necessity and value of strong communication between our clients and our teams. Art production especially will increase in quality and value exponentially when matched with an expert team and an established line of communication. With our expert game artists aligned with your team’s vision and dream, we promise that you will see truly great results.

At Magic Media we are veterans of the gaming, tech and entertainment industries, offering comprehensive services including game developmentVFXanimation and full art services! Our main goal is to provide a one-stop solution for any project. If you’d like to utilize our expertize and experience in creating, game art and more, drop us a line and let’s create magic!


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