Behind the Magic: The Flames of War Concept Art

Contrast is one of the strongest narrative tools with concept art. It can show the two distinct differences between characters, lift and show the strength of one character in the face of its direct opposite. Light versus dark, good versus evil. And there are few things better than a character with this contrast in their core art design.

Concept Art

Our first impressions of a character are very important. They are almost certainly drawn from the first sight. And in narratives, whether games or film, a character’s first appearance is one of the most defining moments for an audience. The way they stand and present themselves, how they are illuminated and displayed to us. These are unconscious elements that every piece of media utilizes to give us an impression even before the character speaks their first line.

Fire Warrior

Here we see a half-demon knight. His horns peak out from underneath bandages, perhaps an attempt to hide who he is? Though it’s just as likely to cover up the damage inflicted when they were broken off. Maybe in defiance and frustration of his heritage or curse. That’s for us to find out.

His design is functional, armour displaying his human origin and utilitarian nature, but the palette is distinctly hellish is nature. From these elements we have a distinct impression of living contrast. A man and a demon. A knight and a beast.

Our artists brought him to life, conveying the antagonistic contrast of his very existence and purpose. He wields vicious flame, an arc of it flowing behind his strike and immolating a fiendish figure behind. It seems he fights for humanity, for now. The shot is on a battlefield lit by his flames, slanted to give a sense of instability and chaos that he no doubt personifies.

This art was created using photobashing and digital painting techniques to deliver the final fire-and-brimstone epic you see.  The background in this work is not an abstract addition to the character, it participates in the disclosure of the idea. The paint technique used brings the colours together in a way that enhances the illustrations story and draws your eyes in to the sculpture like character.

An illustration is a visual representation (like a drawing, a painting, a photograph or any other work of art) in which the subject is more important than the form. Illustrators must show artistic expertise and ability for storytelling in their art. To do this artists are in constant contact with both the art director and the lead artist, as it is extremely important to collaborate on the style, scope, and polish of the overall work. If you enjoyed reading this blog, make sure to check out some of the art we collaborated on for The Quarry.

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