VFX in the Video Games Industry

In 2019, the total value of the Global Animation, VFX & Video Games industry was estimated to be a whopping $264 billion meaning that global consumers are clearly entranced by the engaging and high-definition visual experiences. Due to the continuous growth within the technological sector, it is no surprise that the VFX and gaming industries are one of the fastest growing in the global media and entertainment market.

The rapid growth in animation, visual effects services, and video gaming is largely due to the influence from existing factors such as; targeted broadcasting hours by cable and satellite TV, availability of low-cost internet access, penetration of mobile devices alongside the growing popularity of streaming video.

The dynamic of VFX and Games Industry

Unsurprisingly, VFX is an extremely vast and dynamic industry offering multiple opportunities within the media and entertainment sector. According to market research, the VFX and animation market is expected to achieve a CAGR of over 9% during the 5 year period between 2020-2025.

This news is extremely exciting for gaming companies as the demand for high-quality content by consumers, and the adoption of cloud for VFX- will heavily affect the growth of the global VFX software market. Due to the information mentioned previously, it is no surprise that the evolution of visual effects continues to change dramatically. When it comes to the creation and consumption of video games, 2D animation will continue to survive however it will most likely take the form of hybrid 2D/3D animation.

Here, for example, is an image comparing the old visual effects versus new in the League Of Legend video game given the technological advances of VFX.

VFX in game development companies

Building a good team who effectively plan and incorporate visual effects in three-dimensional forms have become a crucial part of any game development studio. The more powerful technology becomes, the fewer limitations studios have when achieving realistic visuals.

Visual effects allows developers to build experiences where players get feedback, and they have a very clear understanding of the consequences due to their actions. This creates a satisfying and gratifying feeling to players that the game recognizes what they’re doing by responding to them.


Unsurprisingly, VFX will continue to be an important feature in many games for years to come. However, we won’t see huge leaps in visuals given that visual effects fidelity is already very high. Due to this information studios will begin to offer an increasing variety of art styles as a way to stand out in the ever crowded industry.

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