Magic Media & TFM Games

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with TFM Games! Working with a partner like TFM Games has been a stellar experience so far as we’ve delivered an array of services in the delivery of their premier title: Dead Zone Dash: Retro Runner Resurgence! Keep an eye out for the title launching soon on Android devices!

Dead Zone Dash: Retro Runner Resurgence

Endless runner games are a staple of the mobile gaming world, they offer quick and easy entertainment with an easy introduction and high-skill ceiling for reaction time and planning. When asked to work with TFM Games on a project like this, we wanted to escalate the experience.

With Dead Zone Dash, players will not only have the classic endless runner experience but will also have to interact with the environment and its enemies to succeed! What we’re calling a “combat endless runner” will feature unique stylized art and will be an exciting new twist on a classic formula.

What are we bringing to TFM Games?

We’re looking forward to seeing this partnership and our first collaboration flourish. We’re providing full-cycle game development services, which means TFM Games are getting our full breadth of expertize. From art and VFX, game development, animation, and more, we’re also delivering comprehensive marketing services complete with video ads!

The Magic Media team are very excited to be able to deliver nearly our full array of services for this project. And thanks to our involvement in delivering full-cycle development services, we can’t wait to show off the insights and behind the scenes work from our team.

When can we play Dead Zone Dash?

As mentioned, we’ll be launching this title on Android soon so keep an eye out on the Google Play Store! Join the Discord server which will offer exclusive early access, behind the scenes looks at the development, and plenty of bonuses for everyone there!

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