Behind the Magic: New World 3D Video Game Art

Magic Media is proud to have had the opportunity to work on Amazon Games’ MMO sensation New World to create new 3D video game art. We collaborated with the tech giant on New World’s expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, specifically, where we contributed numerous 3D video game art pieces in the form of weaponry and armor primarily.

Though Magic Media is no stranger to collaborating with industry-leading clients, projects of this stature never cease to amaze us with their scope and the technical and creative requirements to provide the highest quality work possible.

Creating 3D Video Game Art for New World

For our contributions to this project, we received detailed and specific specifications for creating 3D video game art. As part of these specifications, there was a clear pipeline for creating ID maps for texturing and a defined polygon count, among other technical details.

For our work on this project, we stuck as close to these guidelines as possible to help Amazon Games realize its defined vision for New World and its expansion’s 3D video game art. In addition to helping this clear vision for the game’s art come true, we needed to adhere to guidelines from a technical standpoint to ensure smooth performance for players.

To bring 3D video game models to life, we employ a range of software and tools, and New World was no different. We used Marvelous Designer to simulate high-quality fabrics. Retopology, which is a major process in 3D modeling for simplifying meshes so that they’re cleaner and easier to work with, was accomplished using Blender and Maya, which we also used for UV unwrapping. Textures were created using Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag was used for baking them.

Our Team and Collaborating with Amazon Games

A total of 22 people worked on the 3D video game art for New World, a combination of talents from various Magic Media teams, including Ringtail Studios. The team was comprised of 16 artists, four quality assurance personnel, and a head of production. At the beginning of the project, our team didn’t start with 22 people, rather we gradually scaled it up during the production pipeline so that we could better meet our requirements more efficiently.

Our artists focused on specific types of 3D video game models for this project. Some of our artists worked specifically on armor and clothing, whereas others worked on weapons exclusively. This allowed every individual to leverage their skills in the best way possible. We had two art leads on the project who played a key role in ensuring our work adhered to Amazon Games’ requirements as closely as possible throughout every stage of the project.

Amazon Games was fantastic to collaborate with on this project. Our 3D video game models for New World were reviewed by the Amazon team, along with feedback and recommendations to make certain our work was in line with the project’s requirements. At every stage, the Amazon team was communicative and forthcoming with their feedback. Our client was extremely satisfied with the final result, noting their appreciation for our approach to the project specifically.

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