Magic Media/Ringtail Studios Academy

We are delighted to announce the beginning of the Magic Media/Ringtail Studios Academy! Most recently the first ten students of the Academy began their training with some of our seasoned staff. Planned as a six-week course, the students will learn all about gaming art including modeling in Blender, UVs, texturing, baking textures, and more! Magic Media’s global footprint encourages us to maintain a mindset that is driven towards creating and aiding others in the creation of quality entertainment.

At Magic Media our goal is to transform the world of gaming and entertainment. We want to create a diverse and vibrant workforce which is built on the ethos of creativity, self-improvement, and teamwork.  Magic Media is a rapidly expanding company with talent already located in twelve countries worldwide.

Magic Media Academy

Diversity is a key strength we value as a company; it brings multiple approaches to the same problem. Our academy will strive to foster an environment of creativity, self-improvement, and teamwork amongst the students. We want to hear each side and each approach of those involved in our program!

Stay tuned to see how our first students get on in becoming the next generation of artists and creators in the games’ industry.

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