Magic Media’s New Georgia Office

Magic Media was absolutely delighted to officially open a new Magic Media/Ringtail Studios Georgia office! Based in Tbilisi, we hosted an event for over one hundred and fifty guests from the collected Ringtail and Magic Media team to celebrate this great occasion. This marks the official launch of the Georgia office, opened under the proud eyes of many senior Magic Media staff.

The New Georgia Office

As the art production team in Magic Media, it’s fantastic to see them expand even further and integrate some new talent to their already incredible staff. Some of those we welcomed into the newest office are already industry veterans and experts! Others, new and exciting entrants into the games’ industry, eager to make a mark in the world of game art development.

It’s always a great day when we expand our team, welcome new talent into Magic Media, and offer more incredible artists continuing opportunities in the gaming and entertainment industries.


As we grow and increase our capacity, we’re always looking for new opportunities to assist in the creation and delivery of your dream projects. If you’re interested in leveraging our growing skills and expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch! At Magic Media, we offer comprehensive A-Z services in the gaming, entertainment, and tech industries. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s create magic!



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