Behind the Magic: Carter VFX

The Magic Media team was excited to partner with Netflix on the production of Carter for VFX, a white-knuckle action thriller directed by esteemed South Korean filmmaker Jung Byung-gil. For this project, the Magic Media team was tasked with creating VFX to integrate with the project’s live-action footage seamlessly.

As a preview of the movie and the work we completed for it, we assembled this video trailer which showcases some of the techniques we used throughout the production, and the incredible action, choreography, and stunt work that went into Carter.

Carter VFX Techniques

VFX production on Netflix’s Carter required employing a wide range of techniques to make it look as seamless as possible with the live-action footage. As seen in the preview video, much of our work involved recreating sizeable 3D environments using VFX processes.

We extensively used a technique known as match moving to create 3D cameras, which in turn helped us create the impression of seamless single takes. Ample work was also put into the lighting and shading to make the scenes we worked on appear as realistically lit as possible. We completed substantial compositing work too to integrate the live-action footage with our VFX and rendered it using software called GPU. All of these techniques are on full display in the teaser video, showing different stages of the process.

Carter VFX Production Challenges

The majority of the footage seen in the trailer was shot in 4K resolution, which is standard in the modern movie industry. Some scenes, however, needed to be rendered in 8K to create seamless transitions between shots as seen in the preview video to depict the footage as being done in one take rather than traditional editing techniques.

This presented an issue with storage requirements. 4K footage is considerable in file size, but 8K footage file sizes are exponentially larger. The Magic Media team is, however, prepared for such unforeseen circumstances and has experience dealing with such logistical issues. Fortunately, we were able to optimize the storage we had available and make use of it for the 8K footage before it became a critical problem.

Selecting the Best VFX Clips

Producing VFX for any project is an involved process, and our work on Netflix’s Carter was no different. For this video preview, we needed to select the best clips that showcased our processes in a distilled way. This was challenging, as our Carter VFX production work took roughly 90 days of dedicated and thorough work, which meant we had a lot of possible material to choose from.

Our priority was to use clips that demonstrated the main techniques we used, such as match moving, compositing, and recreating large 3D environments using VFX. Though it was a painstaking process, we selected what we felt were the best possible examples of our work for this preview, and we couldn’t be happier with how it showcased it.

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