1 Year of Ringtail Studios

It has been a year since Ringtail Studios joined the Magic Media group, and it’s safe to say a lot has changed. The world has evolved, situations are changing, and Ringtail Studios has settled perfectly into this brilliant group.

Joining our team allowed Ringtail to be part of a group of talented, industry leading creative and technical specialists. And it also enabled them to collaborate directly with the teams in our wider Magic media group. We were delighted to expand our service offering and add Ringtail Studios’ 3D art, animation work, and their co-development expertize.

And as time went on, we were so excited to continue welcoming in new brands into the group. Just as Ringtail Studios were embraced with open arms, we also recently welcomed the incredibly talented, Igloo Creative House and Igloo Gaming. The collaboration between all our teams encourages diversity, which is a key strength we value as it brings multiple approaches to the same problem.


A Year of Projects
Since joining the Magic Media group, Ringtail Studios has had the opportunity to work on some notable projects this year including Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond, Destroy All Humans, House of Ashes, Nine to Five, and Dune amongst many others.

We look forward to seeing Ringtail Studios expand and prosper with the increased expertise and opportunities being afforded to Magic Media group members. 


The Ringtail Studios Team

Expansion has also been seen in the workforce, with increased employee numbers in both Tallinn and Chisinau, along with an all new office opening in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

During this year, we were delighted to launch the Ringtail Studios/Magic Media Academy, which gives students the opportunity to learn and prosper in the gaming industry, and potentially work for Ringtail Studios after the completion of the course. Two different student intakes took place over the year and we look forward to seeing the Academy prosper in the future.


The Year Ahead

As we enter our second year of having Ringtail Studios as part of the group, we’re very excited for what might come next. We’re looking forward to expanding our services and pushing the limits of our skills as we take on bigger projects and produce groundbreaking results for our clients.

If you’re looking for expert and AAA 3D modeling services for your game, get in touch with us today and see what magic we can create for you!



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