Integration, Porting, and Mobile Game Development: Epic Games Arrives on Mobile

With the Epic Games Store coming to mobile by the end of 2024, we’re going to see a huge change up in the approach to mobile gaming, game porting, and mobile game development. In the future, we’ll see the Epic Store as one of the main gaming elements alongside the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

What does this mean for mobile game development? How will the arrival of the Epic Games Store on mobile affect the mobile game environment? What will change for mobile game developers who seek out the Epic Store as their chosen home instead of the Apple Store or the Google Play Store? Find this out and more as we dive into the topic.

Main Changes in Mobile Gaming

There are two main changes incoming that we can see that should be considered by mobile game developers.

  • Transaction Fees

All mobile platforms have this fee for applications and games put on them. Not just on mobile, Steam and other platforms have them. The difference is, now you have options! On PC, you could disagree with Steam for example, and choose to put your game up elsewhere if you didn’t like their fees. On mobile, however, you were stuck with the main providers. Now, Epic Games have entered the arena and mobile game developers now have an additional option to choose from.

  • Marketing Potential

On the Google Play Store and Apple Store, you were always at the behest of these companies for recognition. They choose who goes on the front page, what gets featured, who gets the top spot. Originally, games were competing here with other applications of all genres and types. On the Epic Store, you will be on a page for games, made by people who play games, for those who are looking for games. Game promotions are rare enough on the original two platforms but there’s only going to be one type of promotion on Epic – mobile gaming.

What Does This Mean For Magic Media Clients?

For our clients, prospective and current, we are already seeing a huge shift in the attitude to mobile gaming. It is quickly becoming far more lucrative and popular as a space dedicated to gaming is opening up on the mobile stores. The clickbait games, the ones hunting clicks with false trailers and gameplay demos, they won’t have a place in the Epic Store. Instead, there’s an opportunity to get your mobile game onto a platform meant for games and gamers. A home, not just a space within a larger store.

The mobile gaming environment is changing and our dedicated mobile game development team at Magic Media Mobile Studio are preparing for a huge rush in the mobile gaming industry. Epic Games made a big move when they created their store on PC with huge partner deals and offers to game developers of all sizes. They’ll definitely be planning to do the same on mobile. For mobile game developers not looking to get involved with the existing Apple and Android store structures, an option will soon be available to you!

Magic Media Mobile Game Development Services

So, what can Magic Media and our mobile game development team do for you? Plenty!


A huge part of the process is integrating. A store is never just a store! It’s payment structures and interactions. You must ensure that items and purchases are all in the right place, interacting correctly, addressing player entitlements properly. Authentication must be proofed, account registration must be implemented and considered. Any existing profiles too, such as Apple ID or your Epic Games account.

Your mobile game store integration also includes any achievement systems, which involves calling the right APIs and granting the proper rewards. Cloud saves, account backups, progress saves, friends systems, and social features are all elements that fall under integration. 


Game porting is more than just the integration of a game onto a mobile game platform. It’s about the move, the technical and creative alterations required to get a game to run on mobile. It’s a complicated process, mobile game porting, given the limitations of the platform including the hardware and lack of existing control schemes from PC or consoles. If you’ve ever considered your game to be a good candidate for mobile gaming, now is the time!

Mobile Game Development

Our mobile game development team are industry-leaders in building engaging and interesting games for mobile. If you have a mobile game that needs some high-quality assistance or have an idea for a mobile game that you need game development expertize for, look no further than Magic Media and Magic Media Mobile Studio.

Legacy Games

Lastly, Epic Games arriving onto the mobile game development scene opens a huge door for legacy games. These are titles that are older, sitting on the Apple and Android stores, typically don’t have a team anymore or perhaps the team of developers have since left. 

Bringing that legacy game over to the Epic Store is a strong move, given the lower costs and game-oriented environment. Our integration expertize in mobile game development is perfectly suited to get your legacy game into a place where it is wanted and has a real chance to be featured!

To take advantage of our mobile game development expertize, get in touch with us today! Our services are high-quality and comprehensive meaning your needs can entirely be met under our roof. From full-cycle mobile game development to art production, animation, real-time VFX, cybersecurity, and much more. Together, let’s make magic!


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