Inside Magic Media: Crafting Mobile Magic

Mobile game development is a complex process that involves a well-oiled team working together to deliver high-quality experiences. At Magic Media, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of mobile projects and learn from each of those experiences, refining our knowledge and helping us cultivate an innate understanding of how to deliver second-to-none games.

Join us as we delve into our process of creating mobile magic and some of the key pillars we believe in for mobile game development.

Mobile Game Development and the Magic Media Team

Collaboration is key in mobile game development projects, and the importance of having a team comprised of experienced and talented individuals cannot be overstated. At Magic Media, we work as one team that we construct in a curated manner with the best-suited people for any given mobile game development project.

Our approach is fluid, ensuring our team is always built from members with the most relevant skills and experience to bring mobile game development projects to life. Throughout the lifecycle of mobile game development projects, we’ll scale our team appropriately, meaning, that if more help is needed, we add further team members possessing the skills required and positively contribute to the collaborative nature of our work.

Clients and Mobile Game Development

From the outset of every mobile game development project that we’re part of, we aim to understand our client’s requirements and vision as early as possible. We immediately establish communication pipelines to ensure our clients can communicate with us as often as they need to at their convenience, and to facilitate regular meetings to discuss the project’s particulars and progress. After gaining an understanding of their goals for the mobile game development project, we devise several potential creative avenues before deciding on a direction with our client.

Thanks to our experience as a mobile game development services provider, among development services for other platforms, we’re more than comfortable taking on an advisory role to help your mobile games realize their full potential. From suggesting changes to game mechanics to art style changes and user experience tweaks, we’re happy to consult on these projects to bring them to the next level.

User Experience and Mobile Game Development

User experience is an essential part of any game regardless of platform, but for mobile game development projects in particular, we emphasize the importance of UX to a high degree. Mobile devices primarily use touch screens for player inputs and mobile devices come in various screen sizes on both iOS and Android. Our goal is always for players to be able to navigate gameplay and menus with ease, necessitating us to spend ample time designing and testing interactions, assuring the quality of the user experience regardless of the player’s mobile device.

Technical Expertize in Mobile Game Development

Bringing mobile games to life is no easy feat, but we use several industry-standard tools to help us exceed client expectations. Some tools will be familiar names to many, including Unreal Engine and Unity, but for mobile game development, there are specific tools that are indispensable to our work.

Mobile devices feature many different versions of iOS and Android, different hardware configurations across manufacturers, and many further notable differences. Debugging tools are exceptionally valuable for mobile game development to provide us with insights into how the game’s code is performing and to identify inefficiencies. Profiler tools help us gain insights at runtime and to understand CPU usage. Memory snapshots are valuable for understanding memory usage, identifying problem areas, and resolving these issues to ensure top-notch performance across a wide range of mobile devices.

At Magic Media, we provide expert services for game development projects on mobile and all other platforms. In addition, we provide a wide breadth of services for games including real-time VFX, game porting, 3D modeling, and much more, plus services for entertainment and tech industry projects. Contact us today, and let’s create magic!

let’s Create MAgic

At Magic Media, our strength lies in our size and diversity, allowing us to offer gaming services including full-cycle game development, co-development, video production, trailers, and comprehensive artistic services. Whether you’re in need of innovative technology or a team driven by creativity, we are prepared to put our skills and knowledge into your project.