What are Game Trailers and Game Cinematics?

The video format plays an important role in games, specifically with game trailers and game cinematics. Though trailers and cinematics play different roles in games, their usefulness in attracting your target audience and keeping that same audience engaged cannot be underestimated.

We have extensive experience crafting high-quality game trailers and compelling game cinematics at Magic Media. We have a deep and inherent understanding of game trailers and cinematics, their differences, benefits, and why it’s advantageous for game creators to invest in both.

Defining Game Trailers

Game trailers are promotional tools devised to generate interest in an upcoming game. Trailers take many forms and are created for specific purposes. Reveal trailers are used to showcase a game in its first appearance. Launch trailers are circulated when a game is about to be released, aiming to generate some final anticipation before it’s in players’ hands. Gameplay and story trailers focus on the gameplay mechanics and narrative elements respectively. Regardless of the intricacies, game trailers of any description aim to build hype for upcoming game releases.

Defining Game Cinematics

In contrast to game trailers which are generally pre-release content outside of the game’s confines, game cinematics are used in games to show pivotal plot points, flashbacks, character backstories, and other narrative-related functions. Game cinematics are most commonly conceived as high-quality pre-rendered scenes designed to heighten a player’s connection to the game’s world, story, and characters – an integral part of story and character progression.

Benefits of Game Trailers

Game trailers are useful marketing tools. An effective game trailer will encourage the game’s target audience to consider purchasing it, seek more information about it, follow its development, and ideally pre-order it. They’re uniquely powerful for generating audience engagement and encouraging discussion. Trailers, showcase game mechanics, characters, story elements, and the game world, fuelling speculation among gaming communities, and leading players to ask questions – Who is the antagonist? How can we acquire that weapon in-game? What are its progression systems like?

Beyond their hype-building capabilities, game trailers deliver essential information to potential players in an easily digestible format. Game trailers traditionally last between one and three minutes, sometimes more, and contain vital information about the game’s genre, art style, narrative themes, and further elements. Ultimately, gamers can have discerning tastes, and game trailers help players understand quickly if the game is something they might be interested in. Crucially, game trailers are often vessels for delivering release date and platform information, essential information for the development studio, publisher, and players alike.

Why Game Cinematics Are Important

Game cinematics provides narrative depth when it’s needed. Intro game cinematics, for example, are an effective way to introduce players to the characters, premise, and world before any gameplay occurs. Game cinematics can help set expectations for players regarding the plot and subsequent gameplay sequences and engage the player on an emotional level. God of War and God of War Ragnarok, for example, weave in-game cinematics into gameplay segments and are frequently used to develop the tumultuous relationship between the heroic father and son duo of Kratos and Atreus.

Crucially, game cinematics also provide an opportunity to manage a game’s pacing. Even a game with the most enjoyable gameplay imaginable can grow tiresome without some variety, and game cinematics provide a well-earned breather for players, rewarding them for their gameplay success with quieter non-interactive moments that serve to move the plot forward.

Additionally, high-quality game cinematics can positively impact a game’s public perception. When done well, game cinematics look visually impressive and contribute positively to the idea that it has benefitted from high production values. It can also simply appeal to player tastes, where some gamers seek immersive, cinematic experiences to enjoy over other styles of game.

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