Magic Media’s Full-Cycle Game Development with Fateless Games

One of our latest and most exciting full-cycle game development projects is with Fateless Games. Fateless Games came together founded by Simon Lockerby, Hisham Saleh, and Dan Francis, otherwise known as HellHades, Sham, and Phixion. They came together through a love of gaming, building communities, and creating content. This vision brought them into the world of game development where their community wanted a game created by gamers and players for those who love gaming.

This brought them to our doorstep and we happily joined up to provide our end-to-end full-cycle game development. This will be a long journey and we hope to keep you posted of the developments as they happen. For now, let’s get an introduction into the project and where it’s at currently!

What Kind of Game is Fateless?

Fateless is a community driven RPG Hero Collector. Players will collect and assemble teams of heroes and take on a variety of challenges and obstacles. While the exact framework has yet to be solidified, we’re excited to see what we can dump our extraordinary heroes into. For now, we can give a little sneak peak at what’s in the works which includes a campaign mode, dungeon raids, asynchronous PvP arenas, and Guild boss arenas.

As for direction and aesthetics, we’ve got our angle. Originally, there was an aspiration to accumulate and associate the game with a number of well-known properties and IPs. Ultimately, that direction was not one we were fully invested in. In the end, we decided on something recognisable but that we could also make our own. Currently, our scope is somewhere in the realm of 300 characters divided into 10 factions. On top of that, each faction will have its own unique environment. Our artists and animators have their hands full, that’s for sure!

As for these characters and factions, they are defined by the myths and legends we all know. Each faction will correspond to a specific mythology and pantheon. So, a few well known examples include Olympus, Asgard, and Aaru! These, of course, represent Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology.

What Stage is the Production Now?

We’re happy to say that this full-cycle game development project is deep into the pipeline with pre-production starting last September. Since then, our team has grown to accommodate the increasing scale and potential of this project.

The Magic Media team are always thrilled to get their teeth into a full-cycle project, where we can work on every single element of the game. From narrative design to front-end and back-end development, real-time VFX, animation, art production, even game trailers and cinematics. With our global services, we are able to deliver end-to-end game development to the fantastic team at Fateless Games.

Working with Fateless Games

Speaking of the folks over at Fateless Games, the community will be happy to know they’re as involved as we are! Between their expertize and ours, we’re having regular calls and brainstorms where we deliver our progress and collaborate with them on feedback and future steps. It’s always refreshing to work with a team so involved and committed to a game and its vision.

Additionally, the community behind this game and effort with Fateless Games has been incredible. With an active discord community, we’re blown away by the amount of support and attention given to this game’s progress.

Keep an eye on our socials and our website as we continue to deliver updates on the game’s progress and our other projects. The next milestone for Fateless is a vertical slice, where we’ll see a limited showcase of what the game will look like on launch!

If you’re interested in leveraging the Magic Media team and its global expertize, get in touch with us today. From full-cycle game development to art production, co-development, real-time VFX, and much more. Reach out to our team today and let’s create magic.


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