What is AI Game Development?

AI game development is an umbrella term to refer to utilizing AI or machine learning tools to assist and improve the game development pipeline. The Magic Media team is always pushing the boundaries of technology and working to stay ahead of trends and so we’ve been taking our time investigating and working with the existing tools to see how the world looks with AI in game development.

But how are these tools used? What can they offer game developers? And a question we’re hearing a lot is, will AI replace game developers? Let’s tackle these questions and dispel some myths about these emerging technologies.

What are the Uses of AI in Game Development?

Currently, the potential of AI for game developers is still be explored. There have already been several strong applications and uses for these tools.

Living NPCs

AI text generation can allow NPCs or Non-Player Characters to respond fluidly to players inquiries and questions. In an open world game like Skyrim, a closed set of information could be fed to groups of NPCs to allow a seamless gathering of information for players. Imagine quests, rumours, and world knowledge being communicated to players in-game through the characters that populate it. 

Assisting procedural content generation

Procedural generation of levels, quests, and events aren’t new to game development. With the inclusion of AI in game development however, we see an explosion of potential. Procedural generation has its issues where the math and algorithm produces nonsensical or irregular patterns that don’t fit. With the refinement of AI game development, we could see a huge jump forward in procedurally generated content.

Building Basic Art and Assets

AI art is a complicated topic. However, our artists have found AI art to be efficient as a reference, inspiration, or jumping off point for their own work. As part of the game development pipeline, utilizing AI in game development means efficiency and a quick source of inspiration.

Narrative Assistance and Writer’s Block

In the same way, AI intruding on the world of creative and functional writing is a complicated topic. But for those who view it simply as a tool and assistant for existing writers, we’ve discovered a fantastic way to break through creative blocks and assist with efficient narrative design.

Assisting on QA

Game development will always need comprehensive, end-to-end quality assurance. AI game development will be no different, no matter how much or how little the machine learning tools are used. For these laborious and often never-ending tasks, the QA team can be supported very nicely by these AI tools.

Will AI Game Development Replace Game Developers?

As far as we can see, and as we continue to see it develop, no. It’s an impressive set of tools with a wide set of uses and implementations. But it’s quite rudimentary without the mind and skill to use it effectively.

AI Game development is still game developer led. Our game developers, game artists, programmers, QA engineers, and more are the ones leading these efforts. We see AI in game development being used to its full potential by those who know how to create games in the first place.

In the hands of a seasoned game developer, artist, and creator, AI game development tools allow for inspiration, efficient ideation, and push the boundaries of existing workflows and certain game mechanics. Even where it works very efficiently, like in QA, we’ll always need the human element. For Magic Media, we’re of the opinion that AI in game development is another tool on our belt. One to be used as needed, pressed to see what it can do, and utilized effectively rather than as a catch all magic solution.

From full-cycle game development and co-development, to VFX, game art, video production, and more, we offer a one-stop studio of services for your needs. We’re always exploring new tools and technologies like AI game development, so get in touch today and let’s create magic.

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