Announcing TPN Vendor Status for Magic Media

We’re excited to announce that Magic Media is in the final stages of completing the requirements for achieving Gold Shield vendor status with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) for its 3D Art and VFX & Cinematics divisions. As those in the film and television industry will undoubtedly know, the Trusted Partner Network is a universally recognized security initiative that sets the standard for protecting partners’ content, raising security awareness, and enhancing the security capabilities of vendors. This is the latest step for the 3D Art and Magic Media VFX & Cinematics divisions to ensure our partners’ trust is earned and well-placed in our services.

Magic Media currently possesses Blue Shield vendor status. This means that we have self-reported our security information to the Trusted Partner Network on TPN+, the platform used for managing all TPN-related processes. We’re currently in the process of gaining Gold Shield vendor status, which means we’re awaiting a security assessment from a third-party TPN-accredited assessor. Once their findings become available to everyone in the form of a report on TPN+, our Gold Shield vendor status will be confirmed.

Gold Shield vendor status will enable the Magic Media group to build the highest level of trust possible with our partners. Though we do currently possess Blue Shield status, the safety of our partners’ content is paramount and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that. Gold Shield vendor status will enable us to take on an even wider range of projects and leave no doubt in our partners’ minds that Magic Media is a security-conscious entity that is more than capable of handling their projects creatively and safely.

Magic Media is an experienced service provider for projects in the gaming, entertainment, and tech industries. Included among our dozens of service offerings are full-cycle game development for all platforms, real-time VFX, VFX for TV and film, and much more. To learn more about how we can collaborate, get in touch today, and let’s create magic!


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