Delivering Real-time VFX to Remnant 2

When given the opportunity to deliver real-time VFX, assisting the Gunfire Games team in delivering their long-awaited sequel Remnant 2 after the success of Remnant: From the Ashes our team jumped at the opportunity. A souls-like set in a gruesome and dire post-apocalypse, players are instead pushed to rely on a flowing combat of firearms and melee weapons instead of the classic melee and magic often found in these games.  

Immersed in the art and real-time VFX of Remnant 2

The world and environments of Remnant 2 are horrific and unnatural. Players encountered horrifying amalgamations of eldritch abominations mixed with the life that had once inhabited it. The games also traversed through strange angelic realms full of corrupted beings and automatons, each suffering from the strange corruption and blight. The Root, an interdimensional evil, infests and corrupts our world and others. It is a staggeringly effective design, unique and eye-catching at every turn. Whether traversing weathered and polluted bogs, mired by the Root, or gleaming halls of majesty that are overrun by the same corruption, the art design of Remnant is iconic.

Due to the unique style, we were delighted to have such a constant contact with Gunfire’s Principal VFX Artist. He furnished our team at every avenue with the information, references, and even deep lore dives to ensure that our team had everything they needed to nail the real-time VFX that the game needed.

We also understood that the Gunfire Games team were reluctant, partially, in working with an outsourcing partner. Due to some previous negative experiences, they were wary of further outsourcing. We understood their concerns and drove ahead with a purpose. Our real-time VFX team are truly delighted to say that after only a week of collaboration, the Gunfire Games team stated their reassurance and confidence in choosing to work with the Magic Media team. As a leading Real-Time VFX service provider, we at Magic Media want to push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically while maintaining competitive costs.

Our Remnant 2 Real-Time VFX Work

The bulk of our real-time VFX work on Remnant 2 was weapon and weapon modifier VFX. This game allows players to customize and craft weaponry, as well as modify their weapons with elemental effects. With so many weapons on offer and a plethora of customization options, it was our job to ensure that the real-time VFX was completed on these weapon VFX and that they would work as intended on launch.

We also spent time working on “power-up” real-time VFX. This is a bit of an umbrella term for a wide range of items, pick-ups, props, and consumables that players could use. These typically created a character effect or area-of-effect real-time VFX around the player. Whether glowing, sparkling, pulsing, we delivered high-quality and lore immersed real-time VFX throughout both responsibilities.

Working on Remnant 2 was challenging but very rewarding. Built on a custom version of Unreal Engine 5, we had to take time getting to grips with its complexity and scope. We also needed to deliver within a tight deadline but this is normal for many of our outsourcing projects. Our real-time VFX team are no strangers to delivering high-quality work in short timeframes. Despite the size of the game and the deadline, it was a pleasure working with the team at Gunfire Games. They communicated daily, offered constant support and advisement, and we thoroughly enjoyed our frequent artistic discussions and lore dives into the world of Remnant 2.

The Future with Gunfire Games

This collaboration was an absolute pleasure for our real-time VFX team and we were thrilled to hear the same from the Gunfire Games team. We are very excited to work with them in the future in whatever services they may need.

We understood their hesitation given previous negative experiences. However, they had worked with our art production team at Ringtail Studios and had high hopes for our collaboration. We cannot overstate our joy when the Gunfire team expressed their surprise and happiness at the quality of our delivery as well as our approach to their work. We can’t state enough how much fun this project was given the Gunfire Games team’s communication and eagerness for collaboration. Working on a project like Remnant 2 was already exciting and it was made all the better thanks to their team.

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