Working with Magic Media: A Difference in Outsourcing Quality

In our previous blog, we went through the Magic Media outsourcing project pipeline. We covered the elements of both project workflow and how we go about establishing strong, constant communication to ensure the best and most satisfying results for our clients. 

For this part, we discuss the processes and efforts that our team puts into each outsourcing service, we asked our team and producers about how it is we try to stand out. From the internal quality processes and communication to market research and how we build a team for each project, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. Let’s dive in.

Magic Media’s Internal Quality Processes for Outsourcing Services

There are two key elements in the delivery of not just high-quality work but proofed and stable work. We have a gate process for each and every element we work on where team members sign off on work and it is passed up a chain. Each link on the chain, from individual member to senior to lead, to project leads, and creative directors are doing their own checks and validations. This gating process means the level of quality is checked by several different experts who are all looking for the best. This extends to the macro picture of development and milestones, our team are always implementing the gate process to ensure a quality of delivery. 

This is helped a lot by the size and scale of our team, which means we can tailor our team to those more suitable for projects. Those members who have experience with specific clients, needs, engines, or technologies.

Additionally, we of course have our own dedicated QA team who are delivering their own specific QA expertize. We layer checks on all elements of our work to ensure what reaches our client is only of the highest quality.

Bespoke Teams for Video Game Outsourcing

We mentioned the size of our team offers a level of selection afforded to our clients. You don’t just get an expert in game development, you get a Unity Engine specialist or an Unreal Engine specialist. An expert in the methods of your required outsourcing service and specifically an expert in your chosen genre, engine, coding language, aesthetic, and more.

This tailored approach to team building means a team fit for your project. Not just technically but also in the team’s individual interests and passions. We don’t just bring quality and expertize, we bring enthusiasm and dedication!

Standing out in Game Outsourcing Services

As explained by our bespoke team creation, we have the size and international presence to provide a vast array of experienced developers, artists, VFX engineers, and much more. This level means our team are always at the forefront of what is being developed, new methodologies and technologies that are evolving with the industry.

We also like to make the client a part of our outsourcing process. We think through constant communication, the client can see their vision is being upheld by our leads and directors. It’s an iterative process, game development is all about experimentation and trying new approaches. Flexible and agile are two clear descriptions of our team at any stage of game development. And, as our teams jump between projects, they only grow in experience and are able to deploy their talent to an even wider set of genres and styles.

Communication and Organization

We sound like a broken record when it comes to communication with the client but we emphasize it simply because it’s true! 

Our entire team checks in once a day for a short daily where we see updates on individual aspects of the project. Each individual team would then have their own check-ins as well, ensuring that all is operating as intended.

Once a week, our project leads would meet up to check on the big picture, see that we are meeting our milestones and our quality guidelines. And lastly, we meet with our client at least once a week. This is just for a check-in and an update and can happen more frequently if needed. Additionally, we often have special meetings with the client with specific team members or groups for more direct and pinpoint updates.

The project manager would also be in regular contact with the client, providing updates and addressing queries or concerns they might have. This contact is important as well to make sure the project is still on point with the client’s expectations.

Video Game Market Research and Trends

Certain elements of our team would spend roughly 25% of their time in “Leads” which is all about growing our contacts, clients, and team. It’s also about growing our knowledge and understanding of current trends and how the games’ industry is operating. 

Without this kind of attention, we wouldn’t be able to stay at the head of the video game outsourcing industry. Understanding latest trends and why players and developers are looking for these evolving genres, game types, or experiences is key to delivering high quality results.

All of these elements come together to provide our clients with a space where they are heard and their game development dreams are brought into reality.

Get in touch with us today to leverage Magic Media’s expertize and wide range of game outsourcing services. From full-cycle game development to remastering, porting, game VFX, and much more, our team are ready to deliver only the highest results. Contact us today and let’s create magic.


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