Magic Media’s Live Ops Service Offering

As part of the deep selection of expert services offered by Magic Media, we’re pleased to highlight our live ops services. In the contemporary gaming industry, it’s often not enough to launch a game without post-launch support, and this is where live ops come into play.

Live ops is a style of game management where a developer forges ahead with a game after its initial launch, offering new content in the form of new game features, locations, missions, characters, limited-time events, in-game store updates, and much more. Games supported by the live ops management style are called live service games, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Post-launch content as part of live ops management services to extend a game’s natural lifespan beyond what it would otherwise be. With new and regular content releases, a game receives added value, which helps retain players for lengthier periods and keeps them enthusiastic about upcoming updates and releases. Live ops are often deployed for multiplayer and free-to-play games where content is developed to encourage players to stay within the game and its ecosystem of events, missions, and in-game store offerings.

Magic Media aims to deliver live ops services for our clients’ games that will foster lengthy player retention through exciting new content that keeps their audience engaged and eager for future updates. We understand that live ops are essential to the success of many modern games, endeavoring to be agile with our live operations, adjusting our content output depending on player needs, and for the overall health of clients’ games.

Magic Media offers second-to-none live ops for live services games of all kinds, including multiplayer and free-to-play. We also offer dozens of expert services for other gaming projects including full-cycle game development, real-time VFX, co-development, and more. Further to this, we offer a range of services for entertainment and tech projects. Get in contact today, and let’s create magic!


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