Magic Media & Fateless Games

Magic Media is super excited to partner with Fateless Games on an upcoming gaming title. At Magic Media, we are honoured to have been chosen by the Fateless team over a very competitive market. When they set out looking for an industry leading collaborator and outsourcing specialist, they found exactly what they were looking for with the Magic Media team. By securing this project, we are being rewarded for our unrivalled expertize and experience to undertake projects at this size. And so, we’re delighted to announce our collaboration with the Fateless team in delivering their first incredible title. 

Fateless Games

Fateless Games burst onto the gaming scene, a dynamic game development company founded by the game gurus and visionaries Simon Lockerby, Dan Francis, and Hisham Saleh! The objective of this new studio is to create thrilling and captivating games that put community first in their endeavours. Announced on HellHades, they established who they were and what they had planned for the gaming industry and their team. Check out the official website of Fateless Games, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Discord to learn more!

What to expect from this project?

The goal for this project is an epic turn-based battle MMORPG as players collect a vast array of heroes and create their perfect team. Based on mobile first, it will be a cross-platform, free-to-play experience. We’re looking to deliver an incredible PvE and asynchronous PvP player journey with fast turn-based combat and epic boss battles.

Magic Media will be delivering our industry-leading full-cycle game development services to the Fateless Games team. For this project, they want our veteran assistance in delivering this player experience. We’re looking at reaching the maximum possible visual quality without sacrificing any gameplay elements or performance.

We’re always excited to offer our full-cycle game development services and to collaborate with stellar teams. From our first interaction we’ve seen first hand the passion and love of gaming that the Fateless team have and we’re very excited to carry this project forward.

Keep an eye on our socials and on Fateless Games for more on this exciting new project. If you’re interested in full-cycle game development services or are in need of co-development, VFX, art, and more, get in touch with us. Our A-Z services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations, so let’s create magic!


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