Magic Media and Mythical Games

The team at Magic Media is excited to announce our collaboration with none other than Mythical Games, a true pioneer in blockchain gaming!

Building upon our past work with the Mythical team, we are now crafting a brand-new gaming title! We’ll have more details to announce soon but for now, we’re excited to deliver our high-quality co-development services on Mythical’s incredible new project and produce a fantastic player experience. By being chosen by Mythical Games for this particular project, it is a serious statement of confidence in Magic Media’s expertize, technical prowess, ability to tackle and deliver on a diverse range of projects to great success.

Magic Media continues to solidify its position as the premier choice for outsourced gaming projects. Our continued work with high-profile partners underscores our distinguished market position and cements our reputation as a leading force in the industry.

We are proud to be the comprehensive, go-to studio for our clients’ needs, offering an unrivalled combination of creativity, technical expertize, and dedicated customer service. By continually exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality results, Magic Media is not just a vendor, but a trusted partner in the dynamic world of gaming.

Mythical Games

Guided by a seasoned leadership team, Mythical Games specializes in crafting stellar gaming experiences centered around player-owned economies, including the highly competitive NFL Rivals, the thrilling racing experience Nitro Nation, and the captivating Blankos Block Party. Their team has contributed to the development of numerous renowned franchises, including the legendary World of Warcraft and the globally acclaimed Call of Duty series.

But Mythical Games is not just about innovative games. They’ve also made a significant mark with their pioneering Web3 platform, further establishing their influence and forward-thinking approach in the gaming industry. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers is testament to their role as industry leaders.

Magic Media Collaboration

Magic Media is honored to be forging a relationship with a dynamic and innovative group like Mythical Games. We deeply appreciate being selected to contribute to their cutting-edge project and are committed to delivering not just a result, but a spellbinding experience, living up to our name – Magic Media.

Martin Fabichak, CTO at Magic Media expressed his enthusiasm stating, “The opportunity to collaborate with a forward-thinking group like Mythical is truly exciting. Our shared passion for exhilarating games and the drive to pioneer new technologies makes for an extraordinary synergy.”
We look forward to bringing our collective visions to life, embarking on this exciting journey, and elevating the boundaries of gaming together.

Anish George, VP of Gaming at Mythical Games also shared his thoughts on this collaboration, stating, “We’ve enjoyed our work with the team at Magic Media. Our effort and dedication throughout the process is something we’re proud of. We eagerly anticipate unveiling our work to the world.”

Their commentary underscores the mutual respect and shared ambition that forms the bedrock of this remarkable partnership.

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