Game Co-Development with Magic Media

Video game co-development is constantly growing in use as the games industry grows in scale, scope, and player expectations. The Magic Media group has been offering comprehensive co-development and outsourcing expertize for several years. In that time, we’ve explored and experimented with the co-development formula.

What we discovered was that, given the set structure of game development, it was all about the quality of the delivery rather than any fancy new addition to the co-development pipeline. So, the Magic Media co-development team have spent their time perfecting the basics, the fundamentals, and the core deliverables across every project we’ve engaged on.

So, what game co-development look like with Magic Media? 

Extended and Embedded Game Development

There are two variations available for co-development with Magic Media. Extension and Embedded, which are simple to differentiate. Extension is when you deliver a brief to our team, give us the parameters to work within, the goal to hit, and establish a communication pipeline to ensure that work can progress smoothly. Check-ins are regular, but you effectively extend your game development team with a separate team that operates somewhat independently.

Embedded Game Co-Development is something that is becoming more common. Instead of operating separately, you increase your team with outsourced members bespoke chosen for your team. Those members, whether artists, developers, QA engineers, or anything in between, immerse themselves in your team. They take part in day-to-day meetings, virtually or in-person if possible. They fully become part of your team, giving you an instant boost without having to source, interview, and onboard new members.

Magic Media separates itself by fully dedicating themselves to your project. This begins with a team or individuals chosen specifically by and for your needs – people who understand your game’s genre, language, and aesthetic. 

Transparency and Partnerships in Game Co-Development

When we co-develop games with our clients, we’re looking to develop a long-term partnership as well. It is a big ask to bring in what are effectively strangers into your game development project. These games are often important and close to our hearts, we understand that and approach each co-development collaboration with it in mind.

We also understand the value of transparency for our clients when it comes to how we work and how we deliver their needs. From the beginning of our collaboration, our co-development team will also be transparent in their workflow. You’ll have no doubt on the progression of our work and what the next steps are. The Magic Media team will establish a workflow and tempo that both sides are happy with, no details will be left uncertain.

Video Game Co-Development Across Time Zones

It’s not uncommon for the outsourcing teams and the in-house teams to be separated by several hours. In some cases, the right combination might be on the other side of the world. Magic Media is an international outsourcing studio, with a presence in 14 countries. Our artists, developers, animators, producers, and more are spread across the world. This wasn’t by design but the international state we find ourselves in quickly became one of our strengths.

Aside from diversity and different expertize drawn from a plethora of backgrounds and locations, it also means the lights never turn off at Magic Media. We strive to minimize the gap in time zone differences and embrace it as a strength of what we can bring to your project.

If you’re looking for high-quality co-development expertize that nails the fundamentals and delivers nothing but the best results, get in touch with Magic Media. From full-cycle game development and game porting to art production, video production, VFX & Cinematics, we have everything you might need. We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate, let’s create magic.


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