What is Video Game Art Co-Development?

An often under appreciated element of video game development is the amount of artwork required. Video game art covers every visual element of a game, from the backgrounds to the assets, the characters, and the effects.

With modern video games constantly growing in size, depth, and complexity, co-development is becoming essential in delivering a successful game. And art co-development is no small part of that service.

Video game art co-development is the specific branch of outsourcing or outstaffing where you expand your team with a collection of artists who will match your style and aesthetic.

Whether you’re in need of concept artists, 2D artists, 3D artists, environmental artists, or a combination of them, game art co-development will help you to quickly fill any staffing gaps and meet deadlines.

What Does Game Art Co-Development Mean?

Game art co-development is simply a process of taking on extra staff for a temporary timeframe. In full-scale co-development, that timeframe might be indefinite or the length of a certain project.

At Magic Media, we’ve engaged in a wealth of different co-development projects. In some, we worked closely with the internal team daily. In others, we had daily check-ins for progress reports and discussions of the work but were left to our own devices to deliver.

Co-development and art co-development is a cooperation established between two teams. Whether outsourced entirely to deliver results or working closely together, it is a collaborative process to ensure your game and its art are delivered to the highest standards of quality.

With Magic Media’s art co-development process, we establish milestones and a comprehensive production pipeline which includes in-depth QA on every piece before delivery. The goal for our team is to make your job as easy as possible.

Choosing Magic Media as Your Art Co-Development Partner

It’s important to find a co-development partner that shares your passion and idea. It’s also important for game art co-development to choose a studio who can match your aesthetic and visual language.

At Magic Media, we pride ourselves on our capacity to adapt and emulate any style, aesthetic, or execution. In our portfolio, you can see some of our diverse work and our previous clients show an array of different work and results we have achieved. We guarantee that our global presence of over 1000 art experts and specialists will hold the artists your team requires to deliver your ideal experience. 

If you’d like to utilize Magic Media’s expertise on art co-development, full-cycle development, real-time VFX, game porting, and more, get in touch today! We have a global presence of over 1000 and are driven to help in creating magical experiences for audiences everywhere. Work with us today and let’s create magic.

let’s Create MAgic

At Magic Media, our strength lies in our size and diversity, allowing us to offer gaming services including full-cycle game development, co-development, video production, trailers, and comprehensive artistic services. Whether you’re in need of innovative technology or a team driven by creativity, we are prepared to put our skills and knowledge into your project.