Developing Mobile Games for Android and iOS

Android game development and iOS game development are not just cornerstones of the mobile game development industry but significant parts of game development as a whole. Games for both mobile operating systems occupy a large portion of the gaming space, and despite their outward similarities, there are significant differences between Android game development and iOS game development.

Though both are mobile platform operating systems, the tools, rules, regulations, and processes for developing games for either platform have some stark differences while also possessing many similarities.

Differences in Development

Android game development primarily uses Java or Kotlin programming language, whereas in iOS game development, developers can expect to use Swift or Objective-C. The difference in language is crucial as they’re fundamentally different languages and demand expertize from respective developers. Though an experienced developer will understand the fundamentals, writing code for a mobile game development project as cleanly as possible requires in-depth knowledge of the languages mentioned.

A critical consideration for Android game development projects is the wide variety of screen sizes that Android devices come in. Due to the sheer variety, this can make testing and optimization more challenging and time-consuming. This is less of a concern with iOS game development, where Apple devices come in far fewer forms and screen sizes.

It’s also important to note that both Android game development and iOS game development projects are subject to different rules and guidelines on their respective app marketplaces. Apple’s App Store tends to be more exact in its rules and regulations for app submissions, whereas the Google Play Store is considered by many to be more lenient. Understanding the approval process and rules is equally important outside the expertize required for developing the actual game.

Similarities in Android and iOS Game Development

Despite some notable differences in iOS and Android game development, there are numerous similarities when it comes to any mobile game development project. Both Android and iOS game development projects are widely supported by many popular game engines, most notably Unreal Engine and Unity. This is helpful for developers working on Android and iOS cross-platform development mobile game development projects who can work from a single codebase that can be deployed on both platforms.

Another advantageous similarity is that both Android and iOS games require touch-based interactions. Though developers working on Android game development projects need to be more aware of screen sizes for testing and optimization purposes, the method of interaction for players remains the same. However, refinements would be needed to support screen sizes for various Android and Apple devices, this means that a single design is needed for both iOS and Android game development projects, which can be adapted depending on device needs.

Benefits of Developing for Both Operating Systems

The challenge of developing for both Android and iOS systems is arguably outweighed by the potential benefits. Android and iOS, by far, have the largest shares in the mobile gaming market, making both platforms the most sensible targets for mobile game development projects. Releasing a mobile for both iOS and Android isn’t a guarantee of success, but it can greatly increase the chances of it because of the significance of their combined mobile market share.

Furthermore, releasing a mobile game on iOS and Android provides more revenue streams and more opportunities for financial success. Like console and PC titles, mobile gamers are more than willing to pay for high-quality gaming experiences. Even for free games, cross-releasing mobile titles on both Android and iOS opens up opportunities for success through microtransactions and consistent live operation efforts.

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