Behind the Magic: Weapons of Nine to Five

When it comes to realistic military shooters, players need to feel immersed. A tactical shooter inspires organized and coordinated team assaults that leave the enemy staggering or without a hope. In Nine to Five, players take to the field in a 3 v 3 v 3 format. Not only are you seeking the tactical advantage on one set of players, but you also must consider a third set of threats seeking to overcome your team.

These kinds of games require players to be deeply immersed, feeling, hearing, and seeing the game around them. The fragmentation grenades and flashbangs leaving walls scarred with shrapnel and ears ringing. The environments need to react to your actions and feel real, lived in. The sounds of the battle need to fill each moment and drive the player to focus on their tactics and their team to come out ahead.

SMG gun 3d

For Nine to Five, we were contracted to take care of some environmental assets, props, and structures. But we also worked on the weapons, scopes, and attachments that would be in the hands of the players.

When it comes to modeling assets, references are everything. And for modern assets, especially firearms, references are not in short supply.

Many of these weapons are heavily inspired by existing firearms used by the military and police forces around the world. This meant that we had plenty of references to use but also that these were recognisable weapons. If we made any mistakes or didn’t quite execute it correctly – people would notice.

Modeling weapons like this, we used a mixture of 3ds Max and Maya. As they were going to be up close to the player, literally in-hand at all times, we took extreme care to model them precisely. Using the references from these real-life weapons, we gave them Nine to Five’s unique twist of logos, etchings, and branding as per their instruction.

For texturing, we used Substance Painter which is a staple tool. It allows a huge amount of customization and choice from the artist. However, while many projects require the use of ZBrush, this did not. All of these weapons were designed to look new and very well-maintained. As these are top-tier mercenaries and soldiers for hire, they wouldn’t let their weapons go into disrepair. Due to this, we worked with mostly hard surfaces with little to no visible damage.

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